Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Precious Awards!

  • Thanks Lubna:)

  • Thanks Lubna :)

  • Thanks Zainab and Meedo:)

  • Wilde-Woman Award
    Thanks again Lubna and Nazarina:)

  • Thanks Dershana ,Ivy and n33ma:)

  • Beautiful Site Award
    Thanks Suma:)

  • Friendship Blend Award
    Thanks Dershana , Lubna and Sanghi:)

  • Butterfly Award
    Thanks Suma , Syeda , Lubna,Jasmina and Hijabee :)

  • Hardworking blogger
    Thanks Priya , Lubna and Nazarina:)

  • Chocoholic
    Thanks Nazarina and Lubna:)

  • best food blog
    Thanks ZEE:)

  • Inspirational blog
    Thanks Shama,Vidhas ,Vibaas ,Viki ,Purva and JaiShree:)

  • Kreativ Blogger
    Thanks Malar ,Lubna ,G.Pavani ,Hema and Ramya:)

  • Great Buddy Award
    Thanks Sefa, Malar ,Lubna,G.Pavani ,Hema and Ramya :)

  • 360 degree foodie
    Thanks Ramya Vijaykumar , Lubna, G.Pavani , Ramya ,Hema,Spice(SpiceBuds), Viki Xavier and Pari(Foodelicious):)

  • Yum Yum award
    Thanks Lubna ,Priya,G.Pavani ,Ramya ,Hema,Pari and Vibaas:)

  • Superior
    Thanks Nazarina:)

  • Thanks Hema:)

  • Thanks Navita,Arundati,Hema and Varsha :)

  • Thanks Judy,Shama and Sanghi:)

  • Thanks Judy ,Shama and Sanghi:)

  • Thanks Varsha:)

  • thanks varsha and Vibaas:)

  • thanks Varsha ,Sanghi and Malar:)

  • Circle of Friends

    thanks archy,AnuSriram,Varsha,,Vidhaas,Vibaas,Malar Gandhi,Poornima Nair,Manju(Super Chef),Shama:)

  • Blogging with Purpose

    thanks Varsha,Poornima nair,Manju(Super Chef),Shama:)

  • Friends

    Thanks Varsha,Malar Gandhi,Poornima Nair:)

  • Adorable Blog Award

    thanks Sanghi and Shama:)

  • One Lovely Blog Award

    thanks Sanghi , Shama ,Renu(Renu's Kitchen) ,Humaira and Jasmina:)

  • Thanks Jasmina ,Shama,Sanghi,SGD,Lena,Smitha and Humaira:)

  • thanks nur:)

  • Thanks Sweta(Bonne Nutrition):)

  • Beautiful girls Award

    thanks Jasmina:)

  • Companion Award

    thanks Jasmina:)

  • Kreative Blogger Award :

    Thanks Parita,Smitha,Ann,Ammu,,Vidhas,Humaira ,Arlette and Shri :)

  • *Best Blog Award

    Thanks Chaitra(Aathidhyam)

  • *I love Reading Your Blog

    thanks Kanchan,Vidhas,Pari and Spice(SpiceBuds) :D

  • *Presentation award

    thanks Kanchan,Vidhas,Pari and Spice(SpiceBuds) :D

  • *Best blogs

    thanks Spice(SpiceBuds) :D

  • *Great Bear Hug

    Thank you Pari :D

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**Ultimate chocolate cake contest

**Made for Each other Contest

**Eat Healthy :Calcium Rich Contest

**No Croutons Required :Leaves

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أم ترافيس said...

You are an inspiration sis!

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