Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fruity Nutty Mix(Panjeri):Completely Nourishing Nursing Moms

This nutritious mix is considered "the most essential" food while new mom is recovering after the birth and needs to regain her strength and energy ,while keeping up her milk supply for her new born. Usually consumed as long as mom is feeding her baby ,very popular grandma recommended recipe among Indian and Pakistani families for a new mom.
This can be a very unique gift for new moms.I made this mix for my friend and packed it in a cookie tin box as a new mom's gift.
Ingredients needed
1cup Raw Almonds
1cup Raw Cashews
1/2cup Unsalted Pistachios
1/4 cup roasted grated coconut (optional)
2 table spoon roasted semolina(Sooji Rava)
1/4 cup granule sugar
1cup Raisins or dried cherries
1cup Ghee or clarified Butter

To make the Mix
Heat ghee in a frying pan on medium flame.Fry the almonds until brown and set aside. Now fry the cashews and Pistachios until light brown and set aside. Finally fry the raisins until plump and set aside
Mix all the fried nuts ,cool them and Process\blend them to a coarse powder.Mix in the raisins,roasted rava,coconut and sugar.Store in a tight container.Nursing mom should eat 1 tablespoon twice a day for enhancing the milk supply .

Storage life is about 6 months in an air tight container

This recipe is my entry for Sangeeth's Eat Healthy :Calcium Rich Event


Kitchen Flavours said...

I love dry fruits a lot that too all together feast to me. Yummy recipe dear.

Yasmeen said...

I'm glad you liked it.

maimoona said...

u have a nice blog with great pictures.Panjeri recipe is indeed very useful for nurshing moms.
I like ur collection of recipes for nurshing moms.
i will need these recipes in coming december:)so i have book marked ur blog!

Yasmeen said...

congratulations maimoona !
Inshallah i'll post more recipes for nursing moms . we'll keep in touch.

Mona said...

Panjeri has alwaye been my favorite. My mother used to prepare it a lot. Thanks for sharing these nutritious recipes with us all.

Zee said...

WOW! What a time for me to get this recipe..Thanks:D

Anonymous said...

I havent tried this receipe, but i sure will..:) Thanks for posting healthy receipes for nursing mothers...Can you please post some more yummy receipes for increasing milk supply receipes..thanks a TON!! :)

Vandana said...

Hi Yasmeen,

Is this mix to be boiled in water/milk and then eaten so that rava gets cooked?

Thanks for the lovely collection of nursing moms recipes.


Yasmeen said...

Vandana ,this is a ready to eat mix.No cooking needed.the Rava is nicely roasted,you can skip the rava if desired. Or can also make kheer with the mixture and milk:)

Anonymous said...

Is it good in august

Zubair said...

Dear Yasmeen,
Add Black gram, kalonji, dry dates roasted and crushed everything should be roasted in Ghee it will give good taste and Healthier as Black gram and Kalonji is added.

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