Awards and 7 Meme

I want to thank all my blogging buddies who have showered me with 3 wonderful awards

Shama,Vidhas ,Vibaas ,Viki ,Purva and JaiShree have passed me the inspiration award ,thank you ladies:)

I'd love to pass the Inspiration award to Clumbsy Cookie,Mediterranean Kiwi,Pam,Lisa and Ivy

Malar of Kitchen Tantra has passed me the Kreativ Blogger award and tagged me with 7 Meme.Thanks Malar:).

Sefa of Food is love has passed me the Great buddy award.Thanks Sefa:).
I'd love to pass the Great buddy award to Malar. And both Kreativ blogger and Great Buddy awards to Nazarina,Meeso,Sara g,Clumbsy Cookie,Lisa,Mediterranean Kiwi,Pam,vibaas,Shama,Vidhas,Bhawana,Cham,Rajeshwari,Gita,Uma,Andhra Flavors,Mahima,Maimoona,PearlsOfFeast,Viki,Ann,Chandani,g.pavani,Anu Divya,raaji,Adlak's Tiny World,Happy cook,n33ma,Ujwal,Srivalli,Lubna,Armina,Zee,Anjum,Mona,Syeda,Ramya Vijaykumar,Retno Prihadana,Arfi,Jaishree,Aparna,Farida,Meeso,Curry Leaf,Purva,Sireesha,Suma,Divya Vikram,Bharti,Priya,EasyCrafts,Sukanya Ramkumar,Deesha and Ivy

I'm tagging all the winners with the 7 Meme except for those who already had been tagged before with the same Meme.

7 Things I Say More Often:

3.Inshallah(God willing)
4.No! stop my naughty li'l one's tantrums
5.Delicious!..since i started blogging

7 Things I Did Before:
1.Worked as a Quality Analyst
2.Graduated in Math simultaneously did 3 years of diploma in computers
3.Had the best time with my college pals
4.Attended a Success training program to polish my communication skills,learn about time and memory management.
5.Never cooked before tying nuptial knots
6.wasted my time watching soaps
7.First time ever traveled in train to the chillies town guntur and other small towns in Andhra .

7 Things I Do Now:
1.Part time Teaching
3.Yoga with my buddy boy
4.Social service
5.Extensive experiments in baking
6.Extensive reading of cookbooks
7.Love to play with my 2 buddy boys

7 Things I Want to Do:
1.Move to a warmer place and buy a cozy home...Cleveland's is too cold for me.
2.Find a full time job as QA analyst
3.Visit my brother ...its been nearly 2 years
4.Publish one of my recipes in a food magazine
5.Continue blogging and make many more friends
6.Visit the Holy city Makkah
7.Vacation in Spain or Dubai.

7 Things That Attract me About Opposite Sex:
6.Dashing good looks
I'm so glad I found all those in my beloved hubby:)

7 Favorite Foods:
1.Wheat meat porridge(Haleem)
2.Any Kinda Biryani
3.Garden Pizza with no Cheese
4.Shrimp Noodles
5.Chocolate Cake
6.My Sister's Hyderabadi brunch Khichdi,Kheema,Paapad and Omelet
7.My Nature's best drink


Zee said…
Best wishes and compliments for your truly deserved awards Yasmeen!!! I am truly bowled over with the awards you passed on to me..and already beginning to have a wonderful and tranquil weekend after that hectic week..thanks a mega-zillion:D
The 7 Meme was a pleasant and enjoyable read:)
Retno Prihadana said…
Yasmeen, thank you very much for the awards.
Priya Suresh said…
Congrats on ur award dear...thanks a lot for sharing with us...came to know more about honoured n these awards mean a lot to me..
vidhas said…
Congrats Yasmeen on your awards. Thanks for passing to me. I just dropped in to say i have something for you , but you have made me happy by sharing, thanks a lot dear.
Jaishree Iyer said…
Congrats on ur award dear...thanks a lot for sharing with us..Nice to know more abt u.
Bhawana said…
Congrates Yasmeenfor your Award. And Thanks for passing it to me dear. I loved your meme, its nice to know you more.
CurryLeaf said…
Congrats on deserved awards.Very Very Thanks for thinking about me.Lovely to know you through this.I will soon do it.THANKS AND THANKS
anudivya said…
Thanks so much Yasmeen! I really appreciate your kindness. I see I missed out the bread post, which is just amazing. I thought I put your link up to be followed. Will check again, so I don't miss the posts out in the future.
Rajesh said…
thanks yasmeen 4 thinkng of me..ur showring me with loads of awards..u made my day...thanks again..
Finla said…
Congrats with all the awards and it was really sweet of you to pass to me too.
Will cherish them.
Pavani said…
congrats on ur awards yaar...thanks a lot for ur cute kind of u
raaji said…
Thanks dear for passing over......I love to do such meme's....But right now real hectic with RM a recipe a day!!! sure will remember and make after its all over...
Purva Desai said…
Congrats for all deserving awards....
Thanks for considering me ur buddy...will cherish this frndship...
Uma said…
Congrats on the well deserved awards Yasmeen! Thank you so much for thinking about me! Enjoyed reading your meme!
Recipeswap said…
Nice reading the 7 meme about u are a healthy and no cheese etc.Congrats on your award and thanks for passing the awards.
Have a nice weekend.
Cham said…
Congrats Yasmeen! Thank you s much to pass these awards and tag!
Thanks yasmen for the award and i m honored dear. Congrats to u too... its a nice thing to know more abt u.
Nazarina A said…
Yasmeen, you truly deserve all these meaningful awards. Your healthy cuisine inspires many !
This "meme" theme discloses a lot about a person and just brings us closer! I enjoy knowing yours.
Thank you for thinking about me, I am so happy I found your blog and we have Lubna( my far away sister in India) to thank for that!!!
BTW, those dishes of yours,that she has on her blog is just beautiful!!!!!
Ivy said…
Yasmeen, congrats for all the well deserved awards you got and thanks for passing them on to me as well. It may take a while to acknowledge them but I shall try to do it the soonest possible.
Bharti said…
Congrats Yasmeen..and thank you so much for thinking of me.
Enjoyed reading your meme.
What do you teach?
I'd like to move to warmer place as well.
And yes, a Dubai visit is a must but please tour the old Dubai when you go, the new stuff is impressive but the real soul of Dubai is in the older areas, I think.
syeda said…
Thanx a ton for the awards, and loved reading your meme! congfratulatin for the awards, yes you really desrve the awards for being such a regular blogger, well done!!!
Vikis Kitchen said…
Congrats on all your awards and thanks for passing me those awards.
I feel great.
Interesting to read about u. May God make all your dreams come true soon dear.
Srivalli said…
so many awards!!..heheh..enjoy..and nice to read your your lastest post..for aparna,,that looks very yumm..hope you know abt the rice mela thats on right!

And thanks for remembering me!
Maria Verivaki said…
oh my goodness, all my christmases all at once!!!
thanks, not only for the awards, but also the effort you put into your work
maimoona said…
Congrats for the awards !Its wonderful to read about you.thanks a ton for sharing your awards with me.Iam elated to receive the awards.
Anonymous said…
Dear Yasmeen, Congratulations!
You blog will definitely will cited in one of the leading culinary magazines inshallah!
and thanks a lot for passing the award to me dear!
Congratulations and your well-deserved awards.
May all your wishes come true.

And thank you for passing the awareds to me.
Dori said…
Congratulations on your awards, and thanks for passing along time me :) I enjoyed reading your meme!
Vikis Kitchen said…
Congrats and thanks a million dear.I have something waiting for u my dear. Just trail back.
Vibaas said…
Congrats on your awards and wish you many more. Thanks for thinking of me :-)
Vijitha said…
Hi yasmeen
I have something for ya in my blog!
Armina said…
Thanks a lot Yasmeen.. Jazakallah! U've been so kind as to pass on some very feel-good awards to me that make me so invigorated.. U r so very deserving for all the wonderful awards bestowed on u.. keep up the good work dear.. needless to say.. ur blog is simply superbbb!
Andhra Flavors said…
thankyou thinking abt me yasmeen.
sorry for late response.
ST said…
Thankyou thinking abt me and passing the award for me dear:)
sorry for late response.
Anonymous said…
Yasmeen, congrats on all your well deserved awards! Thank you so much for passing them on to me, so nice of you. I will proudly display them in my about me page:) It was great to know about your from tag:)

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