Strawberry Milk Shake with Homemade Strawberry Syrup.And a POMWonderful contest Entry.

"Most people associate vitamin C with oranges, but if you look at oranges versus strawberries, ounce per ounce, strawberries actually contain more vitamin C than oranges." A Doc at Center for Human Nutrition
In fact Strawberries have 58mg of Vitamin C verses 50 mg in Oranges.

Not an exciting fact, for folks living were Strawberries are not readily available as Oranges.Growing up in bustling city of Hyderabad(south India) with 365 days of sunshine,strawberries were considered exotic rare fruit and too pricey for daily consumption ,unless you live around the spectacular hill station of Mahabaleshwar(in Western Central Indian province), the hub of Indian Strawberries.

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In this Indian Grand canyon,known for the scenic hill side drives and misty romantic boat rides,the juicy strawberry farms flourish more than any other region in India.I remember tasting my first strawberry during my memorable visit to this beautiful place few years back.The farm fresh strawberry milk shakes and ice creams sold at the fruit stalls have the unbeatable succulent flavor.The region is also famous for purest honey , tastiest fresh jams and the huge variety of chikkis(Jaggery and nuts candy).

Fast forward 6 years to were I live now in the frozen north(it literally is at this time of the year),thankfully strawberries are available throughout the season,little more in abundance and a few cents cheaper during summer .

Next only to chocolate ,I love to flavor my plain milk with strawberries.But mind you unlike hot cocoa,the strawberry milk shake has to be made cold.Even slight heating can easily curdle the milk shake,and tastes best when chilled.With strawberry syrup the milk shake is smoother cause the seeds have been filtered and not to mention the tasty berry flavor is sure to get the 'ICK' out of picky eaters who dislike milk.

For syrup
12-15 fresh strawberries,washed and sliced
1 cup of water
2 tablespoon sugar(optional,I excluded it)

For Milk Shake
3 tablespoon strawberry syrup
2 cups of Reduced fat Organic Milk or Soy milk or Almond Milk or Oat milk

To make the syrup
Combine the syrup ingredients in a saucepan and bring the mixture to a boil,stir occasionally,cook for about 20 minutes. Allow mixture to cool slightly, then process in a blender or food processor ,pour through a strainer in to a storage container,this removes the strawberries seeds from the syrup. Can be stored in a sterilized container for about 2 weeks.Drizzle on toast,ice-creams or use it to flavor the cold milk.
To make the milk shake
Stir in the desired amount(about 2 tablespoon for 1 cup) of prepared strawberry syrup(completely cooled) in to the cold or room temperature milk.Enjoy!

For more kid friendly recipes join in the Cooking for kids food event,featured ingredient this month is milk\cheese ,hosted Preety's Kitchen.

POMWonderful contest

Remember this irresistibly delicious pie I baked last fall with divine POM pomegranates.On Judy's request I'm sending this to the POMWonderful contest at Judy's Kitchen.


FH said…
Slurp! I can be a kid again just to drink this! :D
Priya Suresh said…
Simply gorgeous, looks delicious..would love to have it rite now..
Trupti said…
wow milkshake looks very delicious & nice photos
Cham said…
So beautiful ur drink, I like strawb the most!
Dori said…
Awesome recipe, I love strawberries!
Sara said…
Beautiful, I love the idea of a healthy milkshake!
Varsha Vipins said…
Pics leave me drooling..slurpp..
Pls trail back for an award..:)
Judy said…
Another yummy recipe. Love your blog.

Yasmeen, the contest is open till midnight tonight. All you have to do is make a post on your blog and mine by then -- follow the steps outlined in my blog post. It's not a lot -- you already have a recipe -- us the one you have.
Sunshinemom said…
I love this too!! I bought so many during my trip to Mahabaleshwar in December, but we are all fruit addicts and not much was left for any thing else:D
suvi said…
Love the shake! Nothing like fresh strawberry shake, though I always ask anyone visiting from India to bring the bottled crush made in Mahabaleshwar!
notyet100 said…
i think i will give try to starwberry syrup,..lovely click,..
CurryLeaf said…
Slurp.Same hear dearie,next to chocolate,this is my favourite.Hearty thanks for the syrup recipe.Lovely pics as always
Ms. Yasmeen

I have my blog on Sulekha. Do you write on Sulekha?

Naval Langa
Dershana said…
yasmeen, this looks so lovely! i feel like a strawberry shake right now and strawberries are not in season hoo
Maria Verivaki said…
every night, i have a fresh pomegranate which i peel and seed myslef - i am in love with that fruit, and we have plenty of them here (although their season is slowly coming to an end)
Anonymous said…
My God,yasmeen,looks real treat..beautiful pictures.
lovely shake with beautiful color.
Raks said…
Lovely presentation and great entry for POM wonderful contest!
Finla said…
Wish i had that glass.
Ashwini said…
wow tempting..beutiful and delicious..Could have some now..lovely pics..
Recipeswap said…
Love the!i like my milk cold all the time.
Uma said…
yummy milkshake. looks gorgeous.
Preety said…
lovely pics to have milk shake of all flavours and i also like to make it at home, so that we can control the ingredient as per our choice..thanks for sending it on my way for the event
Cynthia said…
I'm so glad that you pointed out the vitamin C benefits for strawberries, too often we get locked in into thinking that there is only once source for things.
Nithya Praveen said…
slurp,strawberries are my fav fruit.Lovely!
Dibs said…
Interesting info! Lovely delcious looking photos! Sadly I don't know why - not only strawberries, but all fruits and coming to thunk of it even the readily available juices here (in Sydney) are quite sour! No amount of sugar can nullify that! I loved the ones which we used to get at Bangalore / Delhi!
Deepthi Shankar said…
slurp !! I love this sooo much
Vikis Kitchen said…
Yummy milk shake dear. Till now I didnt know the comparison between oranges and strawberries:(
pics and intro part are great.
Vaishali said…
Yasmeen, Your pictures are so gorgeous. I love strawberries too, and we're lucky to get them year-round here.
Thanks for the message on the bad vegan challah link. I've corrected it. Hugs. :)
Gita Jaishankar said…
Nice drink Yasmeen. I love the homemade strawberry syrup with simple ingredients...a healthy one :)
AnuSriram said…
Looks attractive! Delicious drink!
Anjum said…
lovely pink...i love it
Rashmi said…
Wow amazing style of making a milkshake - will save it today and try it sometime!

Thanks for the recipe :)
Anonymous said…
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