Weekend Herb Blogging #175 Round Up.

A big thanks to all the amiable bloggers who sent in extraordinary entries for Weekend Herb Blogging #175.Here is the recap is in the order received:


Ben of Whats cooking(Ohio USA) has introduced us to this awesome green fruit called tomatillos or Husk Tomatoes,native to Mexico and Guatemala.The simplest delicacy to cherish this nutritious Mexican staple food is the Salsa verde,a sauce with tantalizing flavors of roasted tomatillos,jalapeño,onions and garlic. Do check out some more tasty variations with tomatillos.

Curry Leaf

Vicky of Viki's Kitchen(New Jersey USA) prepared this flavorful chutney using curry leaf,a herb with amazing medicinal values including managing diabetes and weight loss.Commonly used in Indian cooking for tempering lentils or flavoring curries,a raw chutney like such keeps most of the nutrients intact.


Muneeba of Edible Symphony(New York USA) uses fresh basil to made an Italian sandwich in a snap , what an ingenious idea of using-up fresh herbs .


Ivy of Kopiaste.. to Greek Hospitality(Greece) made an healthful Greek beet salad called panzanella.This is no ordinary salad,made with vinegar preserved beets and authentic Greek ingredients,certainly makes a enjoyable meal in itself.


Aquadaze of Served with Love(USA) uses aromatic basil to prepare a simple stir fried minced meat flavored with authentic Thai sauces besides generous amount of herb ,garlic and chillies.

Lemon Grass

Ela of Everything's Herbed(Laguna,Philippines) uses the fragrant Lemon grass to pep up the roasted chicken with lemony goodness of the herb.


Joanne of Eats Well With Others(Massachusetts, USA) has put together a spicy and satisfying meal using one of her favorite wholesome grain Quinoa and other fresh flavors of corn and sun dried tomatoes.

Flat leave Parsley

Priya of Priya's Easy and Tasty Recipes(Paris,France) relished her basque country chicken dish with flavorsome parsley and lots of vibrant bell peppers.


Christine of Kits Chow(Vancouver, Canada)cooks a delightful seafood meal for the holy fasting season of Lent. She uses exotic oysters,fresh veggies,herb and spices to prepare a nourishing meal fit for South beach dieters .


Jerry of Jerry's Thoughts,musings and Rants(Ontario, Canada) cooked an awesome roasted fish,topped with a flavorful Orange-Parsley salsa.Considering the health promoting antioxidants locked in the fresh parsley and orange,the salsa sure makes healthful topping on the baked fish.

Cinzia of Cindystar(Bardolino, Lake of Garda, Italy) prepared an appealing sea food meal with fresh caught Sea bream , she seasoned the fish with bunch of fresh herbs including parsley, basil, cilantro, thyme, marjoram, dill, rosemary, sage, fennel, tarragon and baked to perfection over bed of sweet potatoes.

Dried Figs

Haalo of Cook (almost) Anything At Least Once(Australia) served up a drool worthy treat made with dried figs simmered in honey and balsamic vinegar along with peppery spices - cloves ,cinnamon and cracked black pepper.The result is a syrupy plumped up figs ,apt with exotic Saganaki cheese.

Oat Seeds

Brii of Brii Blog(Valsorda ,Lake of Garda, Italy) fixed up a nutritious oat seed salad with raw vegetables,dressed it with zesty oranges ,mint and olive oil.Truly healthful in every bite.

Ivy of Kopiaste.. to Greek Hospitality(Greece)served a vegan version of a traditional Greek dish called Moussakas.She baked layers of sauteed Eggplants,Courgettes, Potatoes,and button mushrooms in a flavorful vegetable sauce and topped with a creamy potato almonds sauce(Béchamel).A fulfilling meal for veggie cravings.

Acorn squash

And finally for my entry this week,a heart warming soup made with acorn squash roasted in oven with spicy Onion tomato and herbs gravy.

To continue the quest for unique herbs,fruits and veggies join this week Anna from Anna's Cool Finds,hosting WHB #176.
My Hearty thanks to Kalyn and Haalo for the superb event.


FH said…
Just posted a Pasta with herbs but can't send to any other events though, event rules. Great looking dishes! :)
Anonymous said…
All of them are innovative and truly for the event !! congrats dear..
Cham said…
All the entries are delicous!
Ivy said…
Great roundup and lots of lovely dishes.
Ben eats Mexico said…
Thanks for hosting this great event this week. I'll go check out all the entries now :) Great job everyone!
Joanne said…
Thanks so much for hosting...the round-up looks delicious!
Vikis Kitchen said…
Round up seems so amazing. Good to know a lot of herbs. Congrats on making the event so successful . Nice effort and lovely presentation dear.
Lavanya said…
nice roundup..all are new to me..inovative n healthy!!
sangeeta said…
all the recipes look healthy........something like tomatilla is also found in north india n is called makoy berry.....see my post http://banaraskakhana.blogspot.com/2009/02/banana-pancakes-with-makoy-berry-sauce.html
i liked the oats salad too .
Manju said…
great round up!!!
Priya Suresh said…
Everything looks amazing n delicious!!
Cindystar said…
great round up, yasmeen!
lovely dishes and again I found something new for me!
a big urrah for WHB!
Ela said…
thanks for posting yasmmeen. great and delicious round up. can't wait to try out the dishes...
Varsha Vipins said…
Fab round up dearie..Now I just want to read them all in detail..:)
Poornima Nair said…
Thats a great round-up Yasmeen...yummy dishes.
Neha said…
Great roundup with indeed delicious dishes..
brii said…
ciao Yasmeen!!
wow..so many new things!
fantastic round up!!
thank you for hosting, dear!

Purva Desai said…
Lovely round up dear, I am late for the entry.....will make it next time when you host another event..
suvi said…
loved being a part of this yasmeen!
notyet100 said…
all the entries look unique,..good job with the roundup,..
AnuSriram said…
Lovely entries! Interesting round-up!
Maggie said…
Great roundup! I love the look of the peppered figs.
Muneeba said…
WOW ... some really great entries .. that curry leaf chutney sounds right up my alley! As does the tantalizing moussaka. This event is a good way to meet more creative foodies out there in the blogosphere! Good job Yasmeen :)

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