Soba Noodles Tofu Vegetable Stir Fry

Visible from my past posts,I'm experimenting a lot with Tofu these days in other words I'm going tofu crazy.This time I was thinking tofu with noodles.Every once in a while I crave for Chinese-style noodles with tons of crunchy vegetables,sprouts and piquant sauces.So in my quest for a recipe with tofu and crave for noodles,I stumbled upon this palatable Korean Noodle Fry from Susan's Fat Free vegan Kitchen ,the blog also happens to be Tried and tasted pick of the month,the host is Vaishali of Holy cow!.

With protein rich Soba noodles ,added protein from tofu and loads of vitamins from the veggies,this dish was truly sinlessly delicious.I marinated the tofu ,to soak up its blandness with flavor.This also the first time I used Soba\buckwheat noodles it has very mild flavor almost like wheat.

Stir fry is technique of quick cooking the vegetable on high heat to retain it crisp texture and flavor.Using a stir fry mix can save lot of time with chopping besides all the variety of vegetables.A wok is typically used for stir frying but a deep pan should also work.And Olive oil which I usually use for my cooking doesn't work for this recipe due to high heat cooking, use a high smoking point oil like peanut, safflower, corn, or canola.

6 ounces buckwheat Soba Noodles(about 2 bundles)
4 ounces Extra firm tofu, cut into bite-sized cubes
2 cups bok-choy(or cabbage),chopped
3 cups vegetables(I used stir-fry mix including mushrooms,peppers,zucchini,carrots,broccoli,baby corn,snap peas and chestnuts)
1 cup Sprouts(mung,alfa-alfa or any kind)
1 big clove garlic,finely chopped or minced
2 tablespoon soy sauce
1 1/2 tablespoons gochujang(or use any East Asian hot chili sauce)
1/4 teaspoon turmeric(optional)
1 tablespoon Peanut oil
1/2 teaspoon salt

Marinate Tofu
For a flavorful tofu marinate it in 1/2 each teaspoon of hot sauce and soy sauce,pinch of salt and turmeric for about an hour.
Cook the Noodles
Boil water in a big pot of salted water ,cook the noodles as per the package instructions and drain.
Cook the Vegetables and Tofu Separately
In meantime heat a wok or a deep pan with teaspoon of oil on medium heat add the marinate pieces of tofu,let cook for 4-5 minutes,turn once and set aside.Add another teaspoon of oil turn the heat to medium-high add the garlic and vegetables ,stir often and cook for few minutes until most of the water is cooked about 7-8 minutes,add the hot sauce and soy sauce ,stir and cook another minute or two.

Toss Up
When the vegetables are done,mix in the cooked noodles then lastly mix in the tofu and sprouts.Serve warm with a drizzle of mild hot chili sauce if desired.


Parita said…
Wow that sure looks very healthy and delicious, your post really encourage me to use tofu :)
Jenny said…
What a hearty stir fry,I'm sold.
Soma said…
We have learnt to love our tofu:D This looks really delish!
Priya Suresh said…
Delicious platter, i started preparing tofu dishes often nowadays, lip smacking stirfry Yas!
Dori said…
That looks delicious, the pictures are tempting!!!
Vishali said…
never tried these noodles Yasmeen. will try this sometime....looks so appetising! Thanks for sharing it with us.
Anonymous said…
Hmmm...nyammi...that's something I'd eat...right now :)!
Manju said…
ive been thinking of trying soba noodles one of these days..these look soo good with all teh veggies n tofu!
That sure is a lot of veggies.Nice way to get ur kids to eat all these veggies without a fuss.
Btw, thnks for the prune jam link Yasmeen. WIll try it.
Gita Jaishankar said…
I love these types of noodles...adding tofu sounds very looks so colorful Yasmeen :)
Soba noodles-that's new.I guess I can get them at the Asian store?
Renus Kitchen said…
grt recipe...what if I try with hakka noodles??
Yasmeen said…
Thank you all:)
Sweta,I bought these from a superstore ,can be found in Asian Food aisle.
Renu,this recipe works for any kinda noodles:)
Varsha Vipins said…
oh.grt..!! Thats a plate of healthy goodness..!!!
anudivya said…
This so reminds me of my soba with crispy tofu! I think I even have a post on this early on in the blog. Looks nice Yasmeen.
I loved it when I made mine.
suvi said…
i love soba noodles, but i have not yet learnt to love tofu!!
Bharti said…
Oh Yasmeen, this is so my kind of meal! It's making me super hungry.
Lena Jayadev said…
yasmeen..presentation s superb as alwayz...and a healthy food definitely going to try this.. :)
Indian Khana said…
Lovely pics and looks the stir fry veggies
Anonymous said…
Wonderful dish with soba noodles and veggies! I would love to try it soon!
Poornima Nair said…
A wonderful and tempting dish...healthy and delicious.
Chef Jeena said…
I would love some of this t looks really tasty I love stir fry.
Unknown said…
looks delicious..
Finla said…
Wow that is a really healthy full meal, looks delicous.
A platter of healthy food...Looking yummy...
Have never tried cooking Soba noodle and a perfect choice of veggies mmm am hungry again!!!
Camilla said…

This is my idea of a perfect weeknight meal. I am so happy to have found and be following your blog...Camilla :)
Cham said…
We love tofu and nooddle, perfect meal!
Nice, I am very fond of eating noodles and the picture you have introduced in the blog makes my mouth water. Nice blog picture!
buy Melatonin said…
Wow, the pictures of food items in your blog are very drooling. It makes me feel like to eat it instantly!
Check out blog today at 10 a.m. Have something for u.
Indhu said…
oooohhhh... this looks gorgeous and colourful... love all the vegetables...

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