Weekend Herb Blogging #206 Round Up.

Basil,rocket leaves and Chervil

Graziana of Erbe in Cucina(Italy) made Herbed Grilled Salmon with blend of delicate herbs ,oil and lemon.


Anna(Sydney, Australia) of Morsels & Musings prepared simply delicious Broccoli & Stilton Soup with inexpensive ingredients using broccoli ,garlic oil,dried thyme and Stilton cheese.

Rainbow Swiss Chard

MangoCheeks(Scotland) of Allotment2Kitchen baked the glamorous ornamental garden greens,theRainbow Swiss Chard Bundles with spicy potato and puy stuffing.

Dried Chinese cabbage

Radha(Hongkong) of Urban Bites prepared an aromatic Chinese Chicken Soup with key ingredient as dried Chinese cabbage along with parsley, cherry tomato, mini lettuce, radish and a variety of green leafy vegetables.


Tigerfish(California,USA) of teczcape - an escape to food made a soothing Watercress Soup with other exotic ingredients gojiberry and red dates.


Sweatha(India) of TastyCurryLeaf prepared a warming winter soup,Tomato & Cilantro Soup with spices,lots of fresh cilantro and tomatoes .


Pam(USA) of Sidewalk Shoescanned a relishing homemade mustard with Lemon- Sage and Wine .

Red Lentils

Kalyn(USA) of Kalyn's Kitchen served a hearty Spicy Red Lentil and Chickpea Stew with perfect combination of spicy flavors .

Radish Greens

SE(MD, USA) of Denufood-Delicious & Nutritious Food made a simple and nutritious Radish Greens Pasta spiced with garlic and green chillies.

Concord Grapes

Winnie Abramson(New Paltz, NY USA) of Healthy Green Kitchen prepared a coolingUva (Grape) Sorbet flavored with pomegranate juice and figs.

Amla(Indian Gooseberry)

My Experiments & Food(India) of My Experiments & Foodprepared a tangyAmla(Indian gooseberry) Chutney seasoned with green chillies and fresh cilantro.


Diane(Melbourne) of Disingenuous Mountebank prepared the crowding pleasing fudgy Carrot Halwa

Baby Broad Beans

Haalo(Australia) of Cook(Almost) Anything At Least Once blogged about tender Baby broad beans,the nutritious young fava beans,which can simply be steamed and savored in many ways.

Ripe Fruits

Cinzia(Lake Garda, Italy) of Cindystarput together a fragrant juicy after meal treat,Fruit Grappa,with all sweet ripe fruits.


Adriano Petrich(Sao Paulo,Brazil) of Secret Food Project made Scrumptious Whole Wheat Apple pancakes with a different approach using marinated apples,pure maple syrup and well beaten eggs in the batter.

Bottle gourd skin

Sharmistha(Hyderabad India) of COOK-A-DOODLE-DO shared with us how to use the fiber rich peel of bottle gourd by making a tasty LAU ER KHOSHA BHAJA with pumpkin and lots of spices.

Rucola(also known as rocket or arugula)

Brii(Lake Garda, Italy) of Brii Blog prepared an enticing Rucola Pesto with fresh Rucola,aged asiago cheese and nuts,served with fennel risotto.


Me(Columbus OH USA) at Health Nut surprised my self with a whole new spicy approach to eat a pumpkin with South Indian Style Spicy Pumpkin Chutney, it was not my original recipe though,thanks to Anudivya,I can enjoy pumpkins this season with spicy flavors.

Thank you Participants!.18 unique entries,this was certainly yet another good food learning experience for me.Thanks to Haalo for successfully managing the event and Kalyn for starting the whole idea of Weekend Herb Blogging.

The host next week is Katie from Eat This


sangeeta said…
this is a wonderful collection of recipes Yasmeen...all of them look so fresh n inviting..
Spice said…
Nice roundup....was so interesting in sending you a post,in mind everything was set but didn't got any time to sit in front of the computer.....may be some other time now....
Spice said…
uh..oh...interested not interesting
Shaheen said…
Thank you so much for hosting Yasmeen. I am now off to check out my fellow bloggers entries.
Cindystar said…
very very very interesting!
thank you so much for hosting, Yasmeen!
A wonderful roundup!


tigerfish said…
Thanks for the round up! I learn more and more each time. ;)
Haalo said…
So many wonderful dishes - Great job Yasmeen and thanks for hosting!
Priya Suresh said…
Excellent roundup Yas, dunno how i missed this event..
Anonymous said…
Awesome dishes here, very nice roundup!
Sanghi said…
Mmm.. that's a lovely roundup yasmeen..!
Kalyn Denny said…
A very interesting collection of recipes! Thanks for hosting, I do know how much work it is.
Bijoy said…
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Womderful round up and a great collection of recipes.
SE said…
wonderful, interesting, round up of healthy dishes...
CurryLeaf said…
Lovely round up Yasmeen.Herbacious I must say.
Anonymous said…
Hi, I have sent you an entry of "Weekend Herb Blogging"
from http://withcoffeetea.wordpress.com/2009/10/20/weekend-herb-blogging-featuring-chive/
But for some reason I was not considered...Pls let me know the reason.. Thanks.
Yasmeen said…
I'm so sorry I missed your entry(I don't see in my inbox) will update it right away.
Anonymous said…
Oh yasmeen, It's ok,I just sent you the email again...hope this helps.Thank you.
Jamie said…
Learned many new foods here.thanks.
pam said…
Thanks for hosting! What a great roundup!
Unknown said…
unique ideas love all the entries.
brii said…
ciao yasmeen,
sorry for my late reply, my pc broke down.

thank's so much for hosting..it is always such a thrill!

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