Health Nut Challenge 3:Healing Foods. Beet Greens and Vegetable Soup

"Healing is the act or process of curing or of restoring to health."
Why is good food diet recommended while recovering from a sickness, be it common cold or cancer? because good food heals,rejuvenates,comforts,helps the body regain its strength.

For the third Health Nut Challenge :

1.Cook with any one or more of the following or any other healing foods you know of.Create any meal course - Appetizer,Soup,salad,drink,main entree or dessert.Avoid any such cooking method as deep frying or over cooking that will kill the nutrients in the foods.And use only healthy cooking oils like Extra virgin olive oil,Virgin pressed coconut oil,canola oil or any vegetable oil.
* Acai berries ,goji berries ,blue berries ,Cranberries or any berries.
*Citrus fruits - Oranges,Lemons,Grape fruits etc.
* Apples
* Avocados
* Beets
* Broccoli
* Okra
* Cauliflower
* Mushrooms
* Dark Leafy Greens (Kale,Chard,Collards,Turnip greens,Mustard greens,Beet greens,radish greens,spinach and others)
* Beans,lentils and legumes[Red kidney beans,Soy beans etc]
* Tomatoes
* Whole grains(Barley,Oats,Brown rice,Buckwheat,Quinoa,Freekah or any other)
* Pomegranates
* Figs
* Turkey
* Salmon
* Sweet Potatoes
* Pumpkins and Squashes
* Carrots
* Almonds
* Flax seed
* Sesame Seeds
* Garlic
* Ginger
* Sprouts
* Chili peppers
* Turmeric

2.Write about the healing properties or the health benefits of the food.Also mention the source were you found the information about the food.

3.No limit to the number of entries.Link your post to this announcement page.Mail me the entries to by January 10 ,2010 with following details :
**Your Name and blog\Website(if you have one)
**Recipe link(Non-bloggers include the complete recipe)
**A Picture of the food(adjust to 300 pixels width)
**Your Location

Beet Greens and Vegetable Soup

For all the beets I eat the beet greens always have to be used.I like them in sambhar or just sauteed with other vegetables.Or a soup like this can be completely healing.

1 cup chopped beet greens and stalks
2 cups chopped vegetables[Carrots,broccoli,beans or others]
1 teaspoon fresh ginger,minced
Sea Salt and pepper(freshly ground) as per your taste.
3 cups of water or vegetable broth or chicken broth

In a pot with water or broth bring all the ingredients to a gentle boil,cook for 15-20 minutes until tender.Season with salt and pepper.Serve warm with crusty bread or crackers.

I'm recovering from a bad case of seasonal flu,that also kept me away from blogging for most of the week.Hope to post the round up of the Guilt free snacks by start of next week.So far so good,thanks for all your support and response to the Health Nut Challenges.

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SE(Denufood) said…
hi yasmeen..the soup looks wonderful. Its a must to heal the body and the soul. Hope you get well soon...
Rahin said…
hi yasmeen, count me in , love the theme of your new event , the soup looks delicious
A wonderful soup! So healthy and delicious looking...


LifenSpice said…
Lovely theme Yasmeen. Looking forward to send something. Hope I do it:)
Priya Suresh said…
Nice theme, soup looks really delicious and filling Yas!
Pari Vasisht said…
Nice theme yasmeen, and the soup looks so appetising.
sangeeta said…
what a great thought Yasmeen...healing foods....i have been thinking of doing a post on this for a long time...
may be this challenge helps me kick off my laziness...:)
Namitha said…
Inviting event sounds great...Take care and get well soon :-)
Ivy said…
Great theme Yasmeen. Shall start thinking what to post. Your soup sounds delicious.
Kalai said…
Soup looks delicious and great theme for a food event.
Anonymous said…
The soup sounds so healthy and wonderful!
Muneeba said…
Thks for reminding me to cook healthy, Yas! This challenge has got my brain going in all kinds of delicious directions :)
Cham said…
Good theme Yasmeen, hope u feel better now!
The soup is looking great for this season!
Ayesha said…
Another great theme..hope you get lot of entries.
Sanghi said…
Nice theme yasmeen.. soup looks so good!
notyet100 said…
lovely theme will try to sen din,.;-)
Anonymous said…
I like your healthy ideas.Keep up the good work.

Mythreyi Dilip said…
Soup looks inviting, i love the concept and very useful too....
Bharti said…
Aw..sorry to hear you aren't feeling so good. Feel better soon dear Yasmeen. Soup sounds great...will get you right back on track.
The challenge is right up my alley ;-)Will def. send something in. I feel like blogging again now.
Regarding the Vita-Mix...This machine does everything liquid. So soaked dals and rice for dosa will be a breeze. For the dry dals and whole grains (to make flour), they have a container that is sold separately. I can imagine you loving this machine as much as I do. It's awesome for any healthnut ;-)
Shri said…
Very tempting and colorful!
Padhu Sankar said…
Nice theme which will be useful to many.I have bookmarked your blog to participate in the event.Soup looks healthy and yummy .New comer here Do visit
when time permits.
lissie said…
nice theme...I will try to send my entry. healthy and nutritious soup!
ST said…
Love the theme of your event.count me in...Soup looks delicious...
Anonymous said…
Hi Ysameen,ma cook :),how are you?

I hope you're fine.Kiss,kiss...
You know,I didn't know it's possible to use beet greens for cooking.But,as always I learn new things from your blog.
I also really enjoyed redaing your previous post about Kuwait traditional food.I so would've eaten that chicken...and sparkeld with pomegranate's pieces?!Wow,seriously I'd never have thought about it.Hm...where I'm we have planty of pomegarantes,especially in this season.Might think about it,next time I make a chicke dish :)!
Spice said…
looks very colorful.....delicious...
Spice said…
Hi yasmeen, it's me again...hope u r feeling better now...
Yasmeen said…
Thank you all,I'm back to my normal self now :D
my kitchen said…
soups looks really well,refreshing
Arabic Bites said…
Love the theme of current challenge :)
& love this healing soup and it lovely color.
I like the fact you use beet when I buy it they already cut the greens..will have to ask them about it next time :)
Blogger said…
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this website said…
Hmm, It looks yummy. I will try to make it on the weekend.

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