Cruciferous Celebration

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BokChoy,Broccoli,Brussel Sprouts,Kohlrabi,Cauliflower,Cabbage and Kale,all are honored members of cabbage family ,also referred as Cruciferous vegetables.There are crucial to our diet for being a good source of essential :
Soluble fiber,
Folic acid
Plant Omega 3s
Disease fighting phytochemicals.

Thanks to every crucial participant of the challenge who celebrated these supper veggies,shared there appetizing recipes.Enjoy the following round up of recipes categorized by the meal time and meal courses.


Umm Mymoonah's Cauliflower Adai with Kale Chutney,the South Indian Pancakes are wholesome with lentils,brown rice besides the hearty cauliflower.And the kale chutney adds another level of nutrition and flavor to the meal.

Priya's Japanese Cabbage Pancakes,is an eggcellent brunch idea.

Health Nut's Kale Dosa with Asparagus Chutney,an all green South Indian brunch.

Flat breads
Kanchan's travel friendlyCabbage Parathas ,gets the boring out and yum in,with this cabbage flat bread.

Sangeeta's revitalizing Cauliflower and broccoli Parathas are made with garden fresh vegetables.

Kiran's Broccoli Parathas are packed with excellence of broccoli.

Umm Mymoonah's Garlic and Kale Naan,made traditionally in smoking hot tandoori ovens,are baked in the recipe for convenience.Garlic with kale is a whole new flavor,one ought to try for the love of spice and greens.

Umm Razeen's kid approved Broccoli Soy Phulkas are soft and tasty, with hidden nutrition of soy and broccoli.

Priyanka's heartyGobi Parathas with curd and chutney are good enough for a shaadi ki thali(wedding feast)

Sangeeta's relishing Red Cabbage Salad in oil free Mustard Dressing with cabbage fresh from home garden,is as good as a salad can get.

Health Nut's Mediterranean Cauliflower Tabbouleh,is flavored with the tangy chunks of home made preserved lemons.

Priya's crisp Nutty Cabbage Salad is utterly tasty.

Nithu Bala's perfectly presented,raw and vibrantMixed Vegetable and Fruits Salad

Sangeeta's Tomato Salsa Salad with Arugula is another pleasing salad,with roasted tomatoes,radishes and tender green arugula.

Nithu Bala's snowy white Cauliflower Orange Salad is a juicy citrusy start of a meal.

Health Nut's Citrus Coleslaw ,a combination of savoy cabbage,orange segments,soy nuts and sunflower seeds in citrus dressing


Nithu Bala's gorgeousApple and red Cabbage Soup

LK's microwave Potato Cauliflower Soup with hint of spice from green chillies is quick to fix and warming to the soul.

Gita's Kale and White Bean Soup topped with alfa-alfa sprouts,is complete meal in itself with wonderful balance of greens,buttery beans and crunchy sprouts.

Nithu Bala's healthful Broccoli Cauliflower Spinach and lima Soup

Starters and Appetizers
Curry leaf's Cauliflower Mash is a winning replacement for a starchy potato mash.

Srividhya Ravikumar's sumptuous Cabbage Pakoda

Umm Razeen's crunchy munchy Kohl Rabi Murmera Chat

Priya's Broccoli patties are crusted with wholesome oats.

No-Fuss Saute and Bake

Harini-Jaya's Baked Brussels Sprouts,brings out the best of the not so favored vegetable among the picky eaters.

Kiran's Broccoli Yum-Yum is a simple saute with perfect seasoning of spices,just the way I like it.

Harini-Jaya's simply Baked Broccoli

Sides(Curries,Stir fries,Gravies ,Dal and such )

Saveur's elegant Tofu Hoisin with Baby Bok Choy

Gita's Broccoli Stalks Poriyal,enlightens about the tasty and nutritious stalks .

Sangeeta's Cabbage Stir fry is infused with the fiery sesame curry paste.

Cooking Foodie's spicy and juicy Cabbage Stir fry

LK's simply delicious Cabbage & Peas curry

Nithu Bala's flavorfulCabbage Beans Curry with coconut and Chana lentil.

Priya Mitharwal's Cauliflower Methi Subzi is low in fat, has the capturing aroma of kasoori methi and other piquant spices,making it a guilt-free side dish.

Kiran's heart-healthy Kale Mushroom Curry

Vidhya Ravikumar's Mixed Vegetable Sabzi is a mellow medley of cruciferous vegetables.

Vidhya Ravikumar's sumptuous Mixed Vegetable Kurma

Priya Vaasu's Cauliflower Pepper Stir Fry ,prepared in a snap,is a snack perfect for satiating sudden hunger pangs.

Umm Razeen's spicy and sour Cauliflower in low-fat Yogurt

Meena's Cauliflower Podimas,the South India side-dish,is perfectly seasoned with spices with touch of tangy lemons.

Nithu Bala's Cauliflower Gravy is rich with nuts,paneer and spice balance with juicy tomatoes and peas.

Swathi's Carrot Cauliflower Masala ,a stir-fry of pure vegetable and spice bliss.

Nisha's Kale Junka,is a Maharastrian style dish,the green is roasted with chickpea flour and spices until mellow and aromatic.

Priya's Pepper Cabbage Dal,warming soupy side with a bowl of brown rice.

Harini-jaya's Cabbage Kootu,one of the delicious Dal variations.

Suma Gandlur's heart warming Kohl rabi Sambhar

Kiran's Kale-Cranberry-Drumstick-Carrot Kootu Yogurt Sambhar,is just as filling and tasty as it sounds.

An open book's Mallu-style Brussel sprouts thoran with fresh coconut and spices,is one of the most flavorful ways of serving up the cabbage cousin.

Kiran's simple quick and easy ,Cauliflower Stir fry

My Spicy Kitchen's Cabbage Pachadi,a tangy spiced pickle .

Health Nut's Grilled Kibbeh,the Middle Eastern appetizers with added excellence of kale and carrots.

Health Nut's Kale Chicken Saag,is a beloved North Indian side,enhanced with protein.

Tazaika's appetizing Chicken Broccoli,has the Chinese season goodness of roasted sesame oil


Lori's Nutty Cauliflower Quinoa is a thoroughly nourishing meal enriched with one of the best kind of nuts,vegetable and whole grain.'s easy and simple Cabbage Rice, a healthy, delectable and nutritious entree.

Sweet artichoke's one of kind savory French pastry, Cabbage and Tofu Millefeuli .

Saveur's spring special Chilled Soba With Baby Bok choy ,with Soba noodles, fresh green veggies, including baby bok choy, snow peas and spinach, lightly steamed, then combined with cool silken tofu in chunks and smothered with a ponzu soy sauce.These are light yet satisfying.

Health Nut's low fat wholesome Broccoli Quiche with brown rice crust.

Health Nut's Wholegrain Spanakopita(Greek Spinach Pie),is special for this is made with home made whole grain phyllo dough and the filling is wholly green.

Priya's unique Carrot Cabbage Halwa,took me by surprise,for I never heard of cabbage for dessert.

Priya's Cabbage Almond Kheer,stumped me again with the creative veggie twist to the kheer.

That's all for this edition of Health Nut Challenge :D

Please join me for the next celebration of healthy frozen treats,by taking the "I Scream for Ice Cream " Health Nut Challenge and also be eligible to win the amazing Rachel Albert-Matesz's Ice Dream Cook Book.


harini-jaya said…
awesome ideas for these cruciferous veggies..
Priya Suresh said…
Wat a fantastic roundup...many dishes to try out..
Simplyfood said…
Lovely round up.
Those are some of my favorite vegetables! A great roundup!


sangeeta said…
It's a treat ...
Nithu Bala said…
Wonderful round up..
Kiran said…
A very delicious round-up.
PJ said…
oh my, i must have missed this one. lovely roundup and so many healthy dishes! I am bookmarking this to go over all these delicious dishes in detail later.
Unknown said…
Lovely roundup Yasmeen. Thank you very much.
Umm Mymoonah said…
That's a lovely roundup Yasmeen,and taking time to describe about each particular dish,you have done a great job:-)
Umm Mymoonah said…
That's a lovely roundup Yasmeen,and taking time to describe about each particular dish,you have done a great job:-)
I love how extensive this is! I have bookmarked many of the recipes to try :)
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful round up of excellent dishes!
That's a lovely roundup..Bad...I missed this one..
Raks said…
So many great recipes,bookmarked!
Cham said…
That is a great round-up, oh the next one is cool theme!
Kanchan said…
Bookmarked ! Lovely varieties of not so boring cabbage.. nice roundup dear !
Meena said…
lovely round-up, dear!!!now i know where to look for all my cruciferous cravings:)))
Joanne said…
What a gorgeous round-up! So many cruciferific ideas!
FH said…
What a healthy and yummy round up, lovely recipes. Enjoy the event. Thanks for taking time.

Kids are home now for Summer, so I am taking it easy on blogging too much! :)

Owning our own domain doesn't make any difference except you get fancy URL like .com or .org!:D
wow so many variations 2 try from
Rachana said…
What a fantastic roundup!
Gita Jaishankar said…
Great roundup Yasmeen...lovely collection of healthy dishes :(
Niloufer Riyaz said…
A very tasty n healthy roundup
Seena said…
Oh,I couldn't send one.. looks wonderful girl.. :)
Anonymous said…
waow, so many yummy-looking dishes!
A great source of inspiration! Thanks for this inspiring round-up!
Sarah said…
Fantastic round up.I explored some very unique recipes with the cabbage family.Thanks =)
Jamie said…
I feel guilty for not eating many of these.
Anonymous said…
Lots of possibilities.Great!
Unknown said…
I was not aware of all these vegetables in one family.thanks for the healthy pick for the challenge.the round up looks very interesting as always.
Thanks for your very informative post! I need to get on some kind of detox after my months here in Paris – I think your site will be very helpful for me!
dokuzuncubulut said…
vegetables are very healthy and beautiful...
Ayesha said…
That basket is calling my name.I like cauliflower the most.
Unknown said…
good useful round up...
Nitha said…
A wonderful round up.. First time here.. You have a wonderful space.. Happy to follow you..
Kate said…
great round up! well done for being on the daily special!

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