Healthy Ice Cream Carnival

Have your Ice Cream and Eat it Too?

Yes! it is possible to have the best of both taste and nutrition.Thanks to the
16 talented Ice screamers who proved it by taking the Health Nut Challenge 6 : I Scream for Ice Cream Challenge.

Get ready to embrace the vibrant carnival of mostly fruity,few nutty and even some veggie healthy ice creams,some of which are definitely different from the usual.While you at it,choose your favorite healthy ice cream and submit using the form towards the end of the post.The Ice cream that gets the most viewer votes will take home the Chef Rachel Albert-Matesz's Ice Dream cookbook,a treasure of vegan healthful Ice cream recipes.

Participant Entries

1.Mona's deliciously dense frozen dessert ,Pomegranate Kulfi,is enriched with antioxidant rich totally natural Pomegranate juice.Traditionally a kulfi is a no-churn ice cream,made by boiling milk until reduced by half, then flavoring with nuts, aromatic spices or saffron,and finally freezing in molds.The reduced milk imparts the creamy attribute to the Kulfi.Mona uses evaporated milk instead of condensed milk to control the amount of sugar in the kulfi.

2.Priya's easy breezy Orange and Yogurt Cheese Pops are made with freshly squeezed orange juice with agave syrup and yogurt cheese.A Yogurt cheese is a creamy white cheese,obtained after straining the yogurt in a muslin cloth.Using low fat or fat free yogurt,is best to avoid all the fat and still retain the source of calcium.

3.Sharada's Egg free and guilt-free Mango Ice Cream,is mangoes at its best.

4.Rebecca's gorgeous Almond-Berry Coconut Ice Dream,is also inspired by Chef Rachel Matesz's Ice creams Minus the Moo,using coconut milk for all it better benefits than the full fat dairy cream.

5.Sayatani's delicacy of hot summers Mango Kulfi,is made from fresh juicy sweet mangoes harvested from her own backyard.

6.Mallika's perfect scoop of Caramelized Peanut Butter Ice Cream,has the heart healthy fats from the roasted peanuts,the caramelized sugar adds so much more to the flavors of nuts besides the sweetness.

7.Soma's luscious red refreshingStrawberry Sorbet with summer's best berries is a sure winner among young and old alike.

8.Curry Leaf's cooling Mango Coconut Pops are dairy free sweetened with heavenly honey.

9.Divya's creamy sweet Kulfi is enhanced with benefits of almonds and pistachio.

10.Umm Maymoonah's Cherry Porridge Ice Cream,besides being sweetened with healthful honey ,flavored with luscious berries has coconut milk and oats porridge as the secret ingredient,which makes this such a unique ice cream.

11.Kiran's Avocado Coconut Vegan Ice Cream is an absolutely sensational way to enjoy the nutritious creamy green fruit.

12.Jagruti's aromatic Mavadaar Rose and Coconut Kulfi has a touch of powdered coconut milk and hearty paneer(Indian cottage cheese).

13.Sukanya Ramkumar's fascinating Plum Swirled Pops,is a fruity frozen concoction of fresh plums and low fat vanilla yogurt.

14.Denny's exotic Carrot Almond Ice cream ,with almond milk and Greek yogurt as the base,sweetened with honey and flavored with carrot juice,nuts,rose water and saffron,is just about how healthy and tasty an ice cream can get.

15.Nithu Bala's fantastic Mixed Fruit Veggie Nut Oats Ice Cream,is so nutritious with wholesome oats,nuts,fresh carrots ,beets,coconut milk,orange juice and with sweetness in moderation,this is perfect choice even for breakfast.

16.Aqua's Green mango Sorbet,is a refreshing thirst quencher,with tangy green mangoes,sweet jaggery and hint of aromatic cardamom.

My Entries

Peanut Butter and Plum Jelly Ice cream,gets the smooth creamy texture from the roasted peanut butter and home made jelly adds the fruity touch.This is a dairy free ice cream inspired Chef Racheal Matesz's Ice Dream recipes

Kumquat Ice Cream,again dairy-free with a citrusy punch of kumquats,the smaller cousins of orange.

Raspberry Tofu Dark Chocolate Ice cream Cake,a frozen layered cake with creamy tofu berry ice cream layer over the hearty dark chocolate bottom.

Tropical fruit Pops,a real summer indulgence,fruit pops with a variety of real fresh fruit puree ,that deliciously add a daily serving of all natural fruits and fiber in your diet,void of artificial colors or excess sugar.

No-churn Almond Banana Chocolate Ice cream with amazingly simple ingredients and easy grind-blend-freeze method ,the ABC ice cream is sumptuous summer treat.

Chunky Cherry Ice Cream,bountiful fruity bits in chilled dairy-free creamy goodness,this frozen treat calms the craving for the cool.


Sarah said…
A cool Carnival =).I just cast my vote ,Yasmeen.
wow i need to go get a scoop of my vanilla ice cream right now!
Salsa Verde said…
All of them look so scrumptious and tempting!!
Nithu Bala said…
Wow! thatz a lovely and wonderful round up and I wish I could taste every ice cream right now..
Sorry I left a comment in the wrong place.... Those are all wonderful ice creams. I would not know which one to choose... Fabulous!


Unknown said…
My favorite round-up yet, different kinds of ice-creams... yippppppeeeeeeee !!! Of course bookmarked :)
Swathi said…
Nice round up, Looks really delicious.
Well, Yasmeen, I casted my vote with lots of hesitation. many great choices...and so little time...however, one did end up standing out for me personally.
I'll have to come back and take a much closer look at some of my favourites.

Thanks for such a great roundup of talents.
Flavourful wishes,
I had a real tough time to cast a vote..All of them looked so good..Thanks Yasmeen !!!
Jamie said…
Wonderful line up of healthy ice creams.I picked one with one of my favorite ingredients.Thanks for the great contest.
Kiran said…
A very delicious and mouth-watering round-up.Get to try lot of healthy icecreams.
It's really hard to vote.I am casting my vote right now.
Myvegfare said…
Oh! It's a gorgeous round up I too wanted to participate!!, but I needed time!! may be next time :(, I have book marked the page, each one of them is tempting!!, as Nithu says if only I could taste each one of them :)), Hi girls, best of luck to all of you!, each one of you have clicked so beautifully, I would not choose any one of them.., absolutely Fabulous!!
RV said…
Icecreams can't get more healthier... YUM YUM YUM.. 3 cheers to all the participants..
Swathi said…
I voted my choice of ice cream
Soma said…
Lovely Lovely round up! ain't it cool to have such deliciousness in one place!!

you mean i have to choose one to vote?:-(
Reshmi Ahmed said…
Its very difficult to choose the best from the rest...after a long confusion iam finally casting my vote now:)
This is a great round up and inspiration for ways to stay cool over the summer. I love the mango kulfi, and better yet that it was mangoes from the backyard.
Unknown said…
Ah! the cooling ice creams are a big relief in the scorching heat.I made my pick,it was not easy to choose just one.
SMSweet said…
All of 'em luk gr8.Thnx 4 the round up.
s said…
wow..Im craving ice cream now
Unknown said…
I'm thrilled about trying all the unique flavors like the carrots,oats and avocado.Thanks for the awesome challenge.
Rahin said…
wonderful round up Yasmeen , nice n healthy ice cream recipes
DK said…
I'd also be all smiles if I had a scoop of that ice cream.
shifa firoz said…
wow! what a yummy round up! :)
Samantha said…
Hats off to all the talented screams.I'm having a hard time picking one.
Nithu Bala said…
Hi Yas, I'm facing some problem with the template..It's the problem with the template provider and I'm just at fixing that possible for you to provide my ice cream recipe in full in the round up till I fix the problem..I'l mail you the recipe if you are fine with this idea. Let me know..
Nithu Bala said…
:-)Thanks Yas..yep, just got fixed..
suvi said…
such yum ice creams!
Hey btw, my entry seems to be missing:
Samantha said…
Fun ice cream ideas.I like almonds a lot,adding it in ice creams is a healthy idea.
hbrandon083 said…
Great information regarding ice-cream. I can guess how crazy you are about ice-creams.
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James said…
Its very difficult to choose the best from the rest...after a long confusion iam finally casting my vote now:)
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Those are all wonderful ice creams. I would not know which one to choose.
I'll have to come back and take a much closer look at some of my favourites.
Buy Zolpidem said…
All of them looked so good. This is a great round up and inspiration for ways to stay cool over the summer. I love the mango kulfi, and better yet that it was mangoes from the backyard. Thanks Yasmeen.
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