Strawberry Cobbler With Orange Carrot Frozen Yogurt

Strawberry cobbler is another one of the delectable baking recipes I found in the Book Reader's digest Baking with Love,borrowed from the library here.The book is so cool,I'm not sure I'll ever return it back,I've already renewed it 8 times already now(almost 6 months).The Original recipe called for plums,but I used strawberries instead which are equally delicious ,in fact you could use any kind of berry ,Cherry Cobbler is another classic Cobbler recipe.The warm cobbler served with frozen yogurt made with fresh home made Carrot and Orange juice makes this dessert all the more scrumptious.

And did I say I made this special dessert for a very special occasion,my wedding anniversary.My boys absolutely love juicy berries,more than me or my hubby ,this dessert was most devoured by the little sweet hearts.I'm pleased to send this recipe over to "Cooking for kids With Love",a food event in memory of Pedatha’s spirit of love and nurture, and her innate knowledge of good food..And to two other food events celebrating Love Cooking with Luv For Luv and Made for each other.

10-12 Fresh Strawberries,Hulled(top cut) and sliced
1 cinnamon stick
1/2 cup unsweetened fruit juice Apple or Orange or Pomegranate or Grape

1 cup Whole Wheat Flour
3/4 cup All purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
2 tablespoon Cold Organic Butter
2 tablespoon Brown or white sugar
1 tablespoon chopped walnuts
1 cup cold Skimmed(fat free) Milk

Preheat Oven to 350F
Put the sliced strawberries,juice and cinnamon stick in a baking dish about 8x8 inches.
Prepare the crust\topping by sifting flour and baking powder in a mixing bowl.Rub in cold butter until mixture resembles fine bread crumbs.Stir in sugar and chopped walnuts.Make a well in the center,add the milk and mix to soft(not sticky dough).

Transfer dough to a lightly floured work surface and knead for few seconds.Roll out a rectangle about 1/2 cm thick and little wider than the diameter of the dish.With a sharp knife or pizza cutter or pastry wheel,cut dough in to strips about 1 cm wide.

Dampen the rim of the baking dish with water.Arrange the strips over the fruit in a lattice pattern,pressing each end on to the rim of the dish and trimming the ends of the dough neatly.

Bake for 25-30 minutes or until the topping is golden and the fruit is tender.Remove
the cinnamon stick before serving.

Serve warm with or without a scoop of low fat ice cream or frozen yogurt.

Adapted from Original recipe at Baking Obsession
Orange Carrot Frozen Yogurt

2 cups unsweetened Low fat Organic yogurt(Use Full fat If desired)
1/4 cup freshly squeezed orange juice
1/4 cup fresh carrot juice
1/2 teaspoon Orange zest
1/4 cup Fine sugar
2 tablespoon Corn syrup (to prevent crystallization)

Squeeze out all the water from the yogurt by placing it in a muslin\Cheese cloth and set aside.
Combine the rest of the ingredients in bowl,whisk to dissolve sugar,then stir in the fresh juices and the yogurt.Process in a ice cream maker and transfer in a freezer proof container and let freeze for 4-5 hours until firm before serving.

The Orange Carrot Frozen Yogurt is my entry for Sunshinemom's Food In Colors event,the color of the month is Orange and host is Aparna of My diverse Kitchen.

Thank You Note
Lovely bloggers Judy,Malar and Varsha passed me the Amazing Blog Award,Triple Awards,Good Chat Award,Emerald awad,Super Duper Chef award.Thank you ever so much,its immense pleasure to be appreciated with such cool awards.

It's Pay back time!

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An Update: Made for Each other Food Event

The Strawberry Cobbler with Orange-Carrot Frozen yogurt is the winner of Made for Each other Food event,which invited the recipes with foods that make a lovable combo.Here are the lovely entries.Thanks to Rathna for the exciting food event:).


FH said…
WOW!! That dessert is to die for. I love Strawberries and struesel topping, perfect for V day! :)

Whoa! You got everybody I know in the blogosphere for that award list! :D

Thank you so much for thinkihng of me too. Enjoy your award as well. Happy V day, hugs! :)
Anonymous said…
this is sooo yummy... I love strawberries .. anything with strawberries gets my vote :)

Thank you for mentioning me in the award list :)
Malar Gandhi said…
I am truly amazed at the effort you put for creating each and every single healthy post here. Wow...this strawberry Cobbler is an another master piece...Like the idea of Carrot Frozen Yogurt too. Who wouldnt want such a healthy dessert!

Aaah,...I saw my name on the list too...I am blushing!!! Thanks a lot, sweetheart.
Cham said…
Oh u re a sweet heart, looks so lovely the dessert and I love the most the frozen yogurt! Thanks for the award!
Poornima Nair said…
Have never had cobbler coz ive only seen ones with plum and im not a plum really love the idea of strawberries...that looks amazing...
Cant tell u how excited I was to see my name on the list...Thank you so much and congratulations on your awards...You definitely deserve it!!
Priya Suresh said…
Wow frozen yoghurt looks gorgeous, strawberry cobbler looks delicious, thanks for the award, u r too sweet Yasmeen:)
Archy said…
Wow, lovely strawberry pie and frozen yogurt with orange an carrot !!
So nice of you for taking time for making such a nice award and passing on..Thank you Yasmeen!!
Varsha Vipins said…
Cobbler looks perfect sweetie..You are awesome..Cheers to ur thot of including so so many thanks for inc me too..:)
Vaishali said…
Hats off on the carrot frozen yogurt, Yasmeen. It looks amazing and that's a very creative recipe indeed. Love the cobbler too.
Thanks for passing on the award to me: you are really sweet and I appreciate it.
Anonymous said…
Thanks a lot Yasmeen!
Lovely Recipe too! You are sweet:-)
Ashwini said…
soooooo yummmyyyy and healthy strawberry cobbler..nice combination with frozen yogurt...perfect dessert..

Congratulations on your award..You deserve it...Thank you for remembering me..I am really greatful....
Nazarina A said…
Wow yasmeen,

I would love to dive into this awesome strawberry cobbler and never emerge!
Thanks for that sweet Valentine's gift sweetie, Heh, you have started this amorous feeling within me, so watch out!!!!! I am ready for some LOVE!!!!!!!
hey thank you so much for the award dear... that is sooooo cute and sweet. dessert looks absolutely fabulous.....
no, my camera is not yet fixed.. this is still old one :P

i will let u guys know once it starts to work.
Preety said…
you are also sooo shweeet..thanks for including me in your friends list..
Anonymous said…
Yasmeen, such a sweet thought! thanks for the award dear.
The cobbler looks yummy. Inshallah I will try it as soon as I get some strawberries from the market.
Vibaas said…
Strawberry cobbler looks so yummy and tempting. Thank u for thinking of me, Yasmeen. You are a real sweet heart. The award pic looks too cute too :)
Selba said…
Very delicious!!! Love frozen yogurt :)

Thank you so much for the lovely token, so kind of you.

Happy Valentine's day!
Vikis Kitchen said…
wow , what a healthy dessert. Learning a lot of baking ideas from U. congrats on all your awards. You deserve it buddy. Thanks for passing that lovely award to me.
Happy valentines day.
Anonymous said…
Happy wedding Anniversary Yasmeen.
Thanks for the lovely gesture:)
awww-Yasmeen,thanx!Caught my name in the token of gratitude list!! I'm turning the same colour as the strawberry :-)
Belated Anniversary Wishes!
CurryLeaf said…
Love the cobbler and love the award.I feel extremely happy to have received the sweet award from you.Its truly sweet and very hearty and will be very cherished -as a creation of love and friendship.HEARTY THANKS Yasmeen.
Sara said…
The carrot frozen yogurt sounds so unique, this dish looks delicious!
Sunshinemom said…
Healthy and delicious scoop. The smooth flavored yogurt makes it only more mouth watering. Thank you so much for the sweet award:)

Happy V Day, and may you many many more anniversaries:). My daughter is right now making me a vegan french toast as her V gift to me:)
Sharmila said…
I came across 'blueberries cobbler' in a book I was reading a few days back ... now I know what it is. :-) Right now I have a huge box of strawberries & am already tired of having them with milk. :-)
Thanks for the award Yasmeen.
Anonymous said…
MY kids' favourite! :)
Thanks Yasmeen for remembering me..
Your blog is spcl.. :)
Assalam alaikkum..
Joie de vivre said…
Thanks Yasmeen! Happy anniversary!
Unknown said…
wow great dessert nice idea of adding carrot and orange juice in yogurt looks so yummy and thank you so much for thinking about me so sweet of you thank u
Shaheen said…
Hey Yasmeen! The strawberry cobbler looks delectable. Thank you for the award. It goes right away on my list of awards page :) I feel so touched!
Vijitha said…
Ohow! yasmeen. Happy anniversary! Yummy dessert.looks so inviting. I was looking for pics of ur little one's expression eating this dessert :-)

Thanks a bunch for sharing the award. Hugs!
Recipeswap said…
Wishing you a very Happy Anniversary.....lovely cobbler.........I'm a sucker for cobblers and this looks out of the world.
Thanks for the award....pass it right back to you :) coz your a swt hrt for thinking of almost everyone.
suvi said…
happy anniversary yasmeen! have always made plum cobblers, next time will do the strawberry one - yours looks delish. and thanks for including me, it is always a such a pleasure to visit your blog :)
Anonymous said…
A perfect dish for my sweet tooth. I have to make this. It's funny Readers Digest has been around forever and always had some great recipes in it.
Jennifer said…
This combination is so lovely!!!
veggie belly said…
thankyou yasmeen, you are so kind! Happy anniversary!
Bharti said…
Ooh yummy!
Happy Anniversary to you and the husband! Thanks much for the sweet award.
Nithya Praveen said…
This is a wonderful gona make this.Am a die hard fan of Strawberry,they are my fav fruit.Thanks for the award,that was very sweet of u:)
Dershana said…
Here's wishing you many more wonderful anniverseries to come, dearie!

That cobbler looks fantastic and I love the idea of adding fresh carrot-orange extract into the frozen yoghurt.

Thank you so much for award.
Maria Verivaki said…
happy anniversary, happy valentine's day and thanks very much!
Deeba PAB said…
Congrats on your aniversary. This cobbler looks divine! How yummy! I'd renew the book too...all the time!! Thank youfor the sweetheart award. I am so touched!
sangeeta said…
simply WONDERFUL........
wishing you for belated anniversary......hey it comes in the right time........
jayasree said…
Belated anniversary wishes.

Dessert looks delicious and loved the frozen yogurt. Yummmm...

Thanks for thinking of me while giving the awards.
vidhas said…
Wsish you a happy anniversery. Strawberry cobbler is awesome. Your family had a feast on that day. Thanks for the award, i am so honoured to see my name in the list.
Anonymous said…
Oh,what a splendid dessert yasmeen..drooling,,
and thanks for remembering me..i humbly take it from you dear.
Happy Anniversary, Yasmeen. The perfect dessert for celebrating! Your frozen Orange yogurt looks absolutely creamy.
Thanks for the award. I'm honoured to be on the list.
Empress Anisa said…
Happy Anniversary! You've got such an awesome blog... and it looks like a wonderful group of people following- keep those delectable recipes coming!
maimoona said…
happy anniversary! thanks for the sweet award.
Gourmandes said…
this is so yummmmy..
Netts Nook said…
Can't wait that looks great.
Dori said…
Awww, you designed your own award... It's a really nice one, too! Thank you for sharing with me :) Your strawberry cobbler looks yummy!!!
sriharivatsan said…
Hugs to you dear..Tx for including my name in the award list..So sweet of you to remember me even am a new blogger..Belated Anniversary wishes..

As usual, another wonderful recipie from you..Looks yummy..
Anjum said…
happy anniversary yasmeen...mashallah u made a lovely desert for this occassion....thanks so much for passing the award to me...tht's so thoughtful of u...
Swapna said…
Wow! wht a wonderful dessert. Will try soon:)
Ivy said…
Thanks for the Award Yasmeen. Your dessert sounds amazing.
thanks ever so much for this token of gratitude! You are so sweet...

What a delightful dessert! I love cobblers. Together with that frozen yogurt, it can only be divine!


Anonymous said…
wow you are clearly a ridiculous baker!!!Your blog is SO SO SO Fabulous! I can't imagine a cook at home making such gourmet looking treats. It's SO much fun to look at your pictures and creative ideas!! Thanks so much for sharing. :)I'm a big fan!
Unknown said…
lovely dessert..and thanks for the token of cute..
Sharmi said…
that looks delicious and perfect for valentine's day. Do send this to Today is last date.
lubnakarim06 said…
Wow superb recipe......Thank you for making part of this dessert and award. Three cheers to your creativity.....
Happy wedding Anniversary and Happy Valentine's day to you and ur hubby. I am surprised to see my name in the loop, thanks lot to you, Yasmeen. Oh, you're a sweet heart and always post healthy and lovely recipes. I hope all kids love ur deserts.
Happy Anniversary sweety!!! Allah aap dono ka jodi salaamat rakhe.. ameen..

and thnx a lot.. i always pop into urs for yummy baking recipes and im goin gto try one by one soon... im just tied uop with other things now a days.. so hv less and less time for cooking :((
Suganya said…
Cobbler looks so good. Nice recipe. YUM!

Belated Valentine's Day wishes!!!
Sanghi said…
Wonderful recipe Yasmeen, also looks great! Belated Valentine's day wishes..!
So nice of you to create such a lovely award for gratitude. Thanks for passing it on to me..! Keep enjoying! :)
Uma said…
ooh, that is one tempting cobbler Yasmeen! Wonderful picture. Belated wishes on your marriage anniversary. Thanks for the sweet and pretty award. I was on a short break, now back!
Anonymous said…
Hi Yasmeen,

thank you so much for your award :)!And,also thank you for the frozen yogurt recipe (and the rest of the recipe as well :) ).I've always asked myself how you prevent the crystallization of the yogurt and now thanks to you I know it :).
I wish you a nice week.

Uj said…
That is a perfect valentines day dessert.. Hope you had a nice time.
Thank you dear for passing it on to me. You have really taken a lot of time to pass it on to everyone. Very sweet of you :)
Pallavi said…
That looks awesome Yasmeen. Its such a curious combination with carrot...! Thanks for the sweet award.. :)
Finla said…
Beautiful and delicious.
Wish i had this right now, you woudn't have to clean the bowl as i would lick them clean.
Thankyou for passing the wonderful award to me aslo.
Arabic Bites said…
Happy Anniversary Yasmeen.
Thank you so much for the award! You are so sweet :)
cobbler looks yummy ^.^
Hijabee said…
Happy belated anniversery Yasmeen. Thank you for this token! You're such a sweetheart :)
Yasmeen said…
Thank you all the lovely wishes:)
Cho chweet of you yasmeen dear.. I m wondering u r always creative and talented on giving such a difrnt and healthy dishes... This is some one awesome,cute and unique as always.

My belated anniversary wishes to you dear. Ton of thanks for the award. sooooooooo happy to recv it from you.
Sameera Ansari said…
First of all,belated Anniversary wishes!Hope you had a great time dear,God Bless!

The cobbler is so tempting!

Thank you so much for the award dear :)
This comment has been removed by the author.
This dessert looks very refreshing!

Thanks for the award! It is very kind of you.

Hey dear thanks for the award and the cobbler is new to me...would be trying it soon. Thanks for sharing!
AnuSriram said…
Thats a lovely strawberry cobbler... Looks perfect! You always come up with a beautiful recipe that catches my eyes.. Thanks for this lovely award! Nice creation!
Anonymous said…
These flavors sound divine together. I especially like the sound of orange carrot frozen yogurt :).
vandana rajesh said…
yummy dessert yasmeen and thks for remembering me.
Chitra said…
woow,yummy desert for ur anniversary....looks coooooooollllll:)
Rathna said…
Wow..didn't know that you've a award stored for me until you mailed your entry and I checked it. Thanks a ton. Thanks again Yasmeen, for the sweet entry.
Rumela said…
Yum,Yum and YUM!!!!! I like strawberry so much. How nice your
strawberry cobbler with orange carrot frozen yogurt recipes. this is such a nice and interesting recipe. I ve never heard of it before but sounds delicious. ooooooooh! my mouth is watering. Can't wait to try it. i ll make this weekend when my hubby will be at home. thank you for shearing your post.
This couldn't look more perfect! Ideal for Summer picnics (although that season seems awfully far away)!
Unknown said…
I have tried many types of ice cream in my life, but since I discovered the health frozen yogurt, gelato and sorbet they do not go out of my menu! Everyone have to try it!

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