Mint Harissa Chicken

The fiery Harissa is got to be the spicy lovers favorite hot sauce.The Splendid North African chile sauce is a perfect spicy replacement for ketchup,goes well in bean soups ,salads and as spread on sandwiches.Marinating tofu ,seafood ,chicken or meat in harissa gives an amazing spicy flavor.
The following recipe is from Hasan M'souli's Modern Morrocan,adding roasted bell peppers and mint certainly eases some of the heat from the hot peppers,although you could use any other kind of green like cilantro or Parsley.And the surprisingly common ingredients makes it possible to adjust the spice ,use a hot or mild Chile,as per your heat index.

Mint Harissa
6 dried red chili peppers
1 Red bell pepper
2 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon Olive oil
1 teaspoon ground coriander
1/2 teaspoon cumin
1/4 cup fresh mint ,Chopped

Char the pepper on high heat in a broiler or grill or stove top.Turn occasionally with tongs, until skins are blackened, 15 to 20 minutes. Allow to cool then peel and remove the peel and seeds.

Blend all the ingredients together in a processor along with the roasted peppers until well combined and smooth. Use the sauce in salads or marinate tofu,meat or spread on sandwiches. Can be refrigerated up to a month in an air tight container.

(Thanks to Pooja)The Harissa is my entry for AFAM, hosting Bell Peppers is Priya's Easy N Tasty treats.

Mint Harissa Chicken With Freekah
The bland chicken gets a whole new make over with the enticing hot sauce.Served with any kind of whole grains and greens,the meal is good balance of flavor and nutrition.And of course vegetarians could make replace chicken with Firm tofu.

2 tablespoon Mint Harissa
1 chicken breast(about 1 pound),cut in cubes
1 teaspoon Extra virgin Olive oil

Marinate the chicken in Harissa for about 30 minutes.Baked at 375F for 25minutes.Serve with Whole grains like Freekah,Quinoa,Couscous or Broken wheat.

2 cups Freekah(green wheat)[or use whole grain couscous or bulgur wheat,change the cooking time accordingly]
1 medium onion, chopped
1 ripe plum tomato, finely chopped
1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
4 cups chicken or vegetable broth
1/4 teaspoon cumin seeds
1/2 teaspoon Salt
1/4 teaspoon Chilly powder
1/2 teaspoon turmeric
1 1/2 teaspoons cumin and coriander powder
2 cups fresh greens for garnish(romaine lettuce or arugula)

Heat a big skillet over medium flame. Add extra-virgin olive oil, cumin seeds and onion . Saute for few seconds before adding turmeric, chilly powder and other dry spices. season with salt.Add the broth to the skillet and stir and add the freekah. Cover and cook for 30 minutes until freekah is soft. Serve with Baked Mint Harissa Chicken and garnish with fresh greens.

This chicken dish is my entry for Vicki's Potluck-chicken Event.


Chef Jeena said…
Sounds so tasty and looks amazing I love it!
Finla said…
Wow that chicken looks fiery and so delicous.
I have the harissa paste here at home but now with the mint in it.
I guess if i want to make this i can use the harrisa paste and add mint to it.
Pooja said…
Wow what a unique dish! Looks so tempting Yasmeen! You may send this to AFAM-Bell Peppers hosted by Priya at:
This would make a great entry :)
Poornima Nair said…
Yummy dish Yasmeen..looks mouthwatering...Once u have the sauce its so easy...have bookmarked this one.
Yasmeen said…
thank Jeena,HC,Pooja,Poornima for dropping by.And thanks pooja for the update:)
Parita said…
Oh my this looks sooo tasty..fab:)
Gita Jaishankar said…
Wow...that suace does look so spicy and yummy...must have tasted great with the chicken. I do have a freekah packet now (it was a gift from my friend). I can try your combo now :)
Manju said…
i just saw some haarissa at the meditteranean grocery store and was wondering whether to buy some. But I wasnt sure what to do with it. Now i know!

great looking dish!
Soma said…
I had to come running when I saw this wonderful flavors :-D I usually keep Harissa in bulk in my fridge, comes to use you don't know where & when. Mint Harissa sounds just too good!
Vikis Kitchen said…
Mint harissa chicken looks inviting.
Very unique recipe.Thanks for sending this to the potluck - chicken event.
Ivy said…
Harissa is one of my favourite hot spices. Your chicken with the mint harissa paste sounds delicious.
Varsha Vipins said…
That sounds perfect for me..the more the heat..the more I love it..n looks abs yum..I loved that pic of roasted bell pepper..:)
Anonymous said…
Mmmm... I love the spiciness of the harissa and the mint is such a great addition! Delicious!
Noor said…
OH MY this looks amazing amazing and more amazing. I LOVE how you did the pepper. I have a few different hariras myself, its wonderful.
Justin said…
this looks great, but i've never tried freekah before
Sharmila said…
This sounds just the way I like my chicken ... all spicy!
Am going to try this. :-)
Preeti Singh said…
Hey looks so exotic and delicious..harissa hearing for the first time...nice post..
Indian Khana said…
Wow looks so gud and must be yumm..wonderful recipe
Raks said…
I love all the pictures,looks great!!
Lena Jayadev said…
i loved the last snap Yasmeen.. :)...the more the spicy..the more I love it....this looks delicious.. :)
sangeeta said…
absolutely gorgeous........healthy n spicy......presentation is a winner always.
Priya Suresh said…
Thats a flavourful chicken dish Yas..thanks for sending to AFAM!
Simmi said…
hot and spicy ..I love my chicken as spicy as it can get.
Yasemin said…
I love it! So inventive Miss Julia Child! I can never get bell peppers like that right. Love you and another good one....
Jen said…
hot! mint sounds like a cooling addition to the fiery chilies.
Sharmistha Guha said…
Tummy!! Hot spicy & combination!!
foodcreate said…
This is -give or take-a regular kitchen amazing dish looks so fusion love it.

Thanks for your wonderful recipe:>

Stop by visit:)
I am drooling over the pics Yasmeen!!! looks so yummy and wish could grab a few piece infact the whole plate!!! mint in the paste sounds so soothing!!!
Sam said…
I'm drooling..just love this kind of healthy platter.
AL said…
I stock up on harissa all the time,its indeed very easy to it with freekah.
notyet100 said…
looks yummy yum,..
lubnakarim06 said…
Wow hot, spicy and yum....Love the combo of flavours...
mona said…
Never had or heard about freekah before. The meal looks so good!

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