Weekend Wokking Cheese Round up!

We love cheese,don't we?It's amazing how the process of milk curdling ,preparing of the curd and ripening can result in bountiful varieties of cheese- Soft,Hard,Sharp,Mild,every cuisine has a favorite.Thanks to all the talented bloggers around the world who poured in their love for cheese and participated in Wandering Chopstick's Weekend Wokking.Here is the Cheesy round up categorized by the variety of cheese:

Haloumi is a salty Greek cheese, usually made of goat and sheep milk. It has a high melting point, and holds together well when fried or grilled.

Lisa(from Ontario, Canada) of Lisa's Vegetarian Kitchen shared with us a fantastic summeryHaloumi Beetroot and Greens Salad dressed with Olive oil,tahini and lemon.

Myzithra , Graviera and Feta
Myzithra cheese is a Greek whey cheese with a light and very mild taste.Graviera cheese is produced from sheep milk or in combination with ewe milk.Feta cheese is also produced from sheep milk or in combination with goat milk.

Ivy(from Athens Greece) at Kopiaste...to greek hospitality baked a Fabulous Greek Savory Pie,Kotopita me Prassa, from the scratch with Provencal pastry base stuffed with onions,leeks,chicken along with goodness of greek cheeses - Myzithra and Graviera.

Also Known as Indian cottage cheese,paneer can easily be made at home by curdling the milk with lemon juice or food acid ,straining and squeezing all the liquid.
Sheba(from Goa India)at Art Food and travel chronicles dished up Cottage Cheese and eggs Toulsed in a Cream puff bowl,as tempting as this sounds,this makes a filling meal with good dose of calcium from eggs and cheese.

Sangeeta(New delhi India) at Banaras Ka Khana served us a creamy Paneer Safeda in Cashew Gravy.The gravy has delicately flavored aroma of spices,richness of cashew and home made cream(yum,yum!) and goes well with any kind of flat bread.No to worry about the calories ,the dish has just right amount of fat per serving to avoid all the guilt pangs.

Bergamot(from Mumbai India) at Cooking Escapades in midst of her cooking spree prepared tasty Chinese vegetable soups with soy sauce,fresh ginger and garlic among other spices,the slices of paneer added towards the end of the boil add to the heartiness of the soups.

Pari(from NCR India) at Foodelicious,satisfied her family's craving for "something yummy" by preparing Paneer Kaju Pasanda, a delectably rich paneer dish with Cashews and cream ,paired with home made garlic naan,wish I could join in too.

Pooja(from Illinois USA) at My Experience with Cooking recreated her favorite restaurant style Paneer Mushroom Masala with blend of freshly ground spices,sauteed ground tomato-onion-cashew mixture ,a flavorful paneer dish is sure to please any cheese-lover.

Yours Truly(from Ohio USA) at Health Nut often times also has cravings for something paneer,Shahi Paneer has the similar royal combination of Cashews & Paneer with spices,evidently a crowd pleasing side dish in the Indian Cuisine.

Cream Cheese
Cream cheese is a soft ,smooth and mild tasting cheese.

Graziana(from Italy) at Erbie in Cucina shared with us a Herbal cream cheese using garlic and aromatic herbs - parsley,marjoram,wild thyme,golden sage,thai basil and mint,perfect to slather on sandwiches,dip with vegetables or stuffing in pastries.

Momgateway baked these delectable Pistachio Guava Cheese pastries with cream cheese and guava jelly.She uses guava nectar and reduces it to a thick consistency,perfect to stuff in the puff pastry along with creamy cheese and nuts ,then bakes in a mini-muffin pan,a brilliant idea I must say.

A delish entry from the Weekend Wokking Mastermind Wandering Chopsticks(from South California),Crab Rangoons,crunchy wonton wraps stuffed with imitation crab meat,soy sauce,chili sauce,scallions and cream cheese,these make perfect appetizers with some sweet and sour sauce on the side.

Goat Cheese
Goat cheese, also known as Chevre in French, is a milk product derived from Goat’s milk. Although it can be made in different forms, both hard and soft, the soft goat cheese is more common. It can melt very easily when exposed to heat. This is a staple in the Mediterranean region and also common in Africa and Middle east.Goat cheese is closer to human milk in that it is lower in fat and a lot thinner when compared to Cow Cheese.Those who are lactose intolerant or have milk allergies can eat Goat cheese.

Shri(from USA) of Tasty Touch delighted us with an appetizing Goat cheese salad made with fresh greens,cranberries,Italian dressing and goat cheese browned in butter and olive oil.

Parmesan is a aged hard cheese made with raw cow's milk.

Wiffy(from Singapore) at Noob Cook presented us Cod Fish with Creamy Mushroom Sauce.The pan fried fish is topped with flavorful sauce, prepared using shimeiji mushrooms ,cream and grated Parmesan;served along side with grilled portebello mushrooms and tomatoes on vine,this is indeed a simple and satisfying meal.

Monterey jack or queso Oaxaca
Named after the state of Oaxaca in southern Mexico,the queso Oaxaca cheese has string cheese structure like Mozzarella and unaged Monterey Jack.

Dmichell(from Northen California USA) at Javaholic shared with us Chile Rellenos,the Mexican cheese stuffed medium hot chile peppers served with tomato sauce reminded me of the hot chili fritters(mirchi bajji),a mouthwatering spicy snack of South India.

TS and JS(Vancouver Canada) at [eatingclub] Vancouver ,rolled up the hearty Duck Enchiladas with Chipotle peanut salsa topped with a good drizzle of Monterey Jack.

Pepper Jack
Spicy, delicate, soft & with a slightly tart flavor ,Pepper jack cheese is a derivative of Monterey Jack.

Soma(from Texas USA) of eCurry ,served a perfectly paired hot & sweet Pineapple & Pepper Jack,a simple appetizer with Habenaro Pepper Jack and caramelized pineapple ,this easy sure is in for my next party.

Mozzarella is a semi-soft Italian cheese with mild flavor made from cow's milk.

Pizza Margherita.

Sweatha(from Bangalore India) at Tasty Curry Leaf ,baked an Italian Classic Pizza Margherita from scratch with Mozzarella ,basil and marinara sauce,a sure crowd pleaser.

Next Month's Secret Ingredient Revealed
The wonder spice I can't imagine cooking without,the versatile spice with commendable list of health benefits and tastes great even in desserts,Ginger!.

And the hostess for September Weekend Wokking is MomGateway.Please send entries by 11:59 p.m., Sunday, August 30 to momgateway (at) gmail (dot) com .If you’re interested in hosting, please email WC at wanderingchopsticks (at) gmail (dot) com

My Hearty thanks to Wandering Chopsticks for trusting in me to host the event.


Shri said…
Great round up Yasmeen and thanks for including mine:)
noobcook said…
I enjoyed feasting (with my eyes) on the delicious eats, great round up!
Brilliant! So many entries! This has been our most ever! Fabulous job with the roundup and thank you so much for hosting.

I love ginger. Great pick for next month.
Pari Vasisht said…
Hi Yasmeen,great job with the round up .
Soma said…
Wonderful Yasmeen! I learned quite a few things from this round up.
Shama Nagarajan said…
yummy delicious cheesy delights..please do check my blog for my new event...enjoy participating
Ann said…
Yasmeen,Everythin looks awesome. Great Round up!
Chef Jeena said…
Fantastic cheese round up Yasmeen.
Poornima Nair said…
OMG, all that cheese is driving me crazy. Wonderful dishes, great round-up.
Lisa Turner said…
Lovely roundup! Lots of tempting recipes here.
Archy said…
wow, nice roundup with all new recipes !!
Simmi said…
Can never get enough of cheese...I'm more of a mild cheese person.
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I like cheese a lot and this round up is where I need to be. Nice job Yasmeen.
Raks said…
Nice round up,great job!
Shija said…
I like all the paneer dishes.
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Fantastic round up. I got to know a about different kind of cheese.
Great round-up! I like how you organized it by type of cheese.
CurryLeaf said…
I missed it.I thght 6th aug was the last day and was planning to post by 6th only.
Anyway delectable roundup.Love the next ingredient.Can we use all forms of ginger- candied,powdered including? Do let me know.
sangeeta said…
such a wonderful roundup...so many recipes from diverse cuisines and it has everything ...appetizers, salads , main course, n even dessert....
congratulations to you Yasmeen for such a successful event.
Anonymous said…
What a fabulous round up - loving all the yummy cheese dishes!
Jessica said…
Super duper good,I particularly like the last appetizer.
sabah said…
Wonderful dishes, thanks for all the informations.
Sam said…
Awesome cheesy dishes,thanks for putting them together.
Unknown said…
Amazing cheese dishes.Thanks for the round up.
Anonymous said…
I like all those paneer dishes and also the pizza :)

Subhie Arun said…
grt round up...i think ii misssed it out,..it slipped out of my mind ....
Sarah said…
so many cheesey delights to devour,thanks.
Muneeba said…
holy .. I didn't know abt this event! how could I have missed this?! CHEESE is my middle name (ok not really)! Excellent round-up of dishes ... making me salivate :)
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