Guilt-free Snacks Round up

Thanks to all the creative foodies who sent in their guilt free snacks that satisfy cravings without compromising healthy diet.

Sweatha(India) of Tasty Curry Leafbaked these flourless Simply Oats Cookies with nourishing almonds,oats and honey.

Ivy(Greece) of Kopiaste contribuited the following 2 snacks

*Crusty Sesame rusks ,baked in attractive different shapes with variety of spice and seed toppings.

*Fruity Smoothie with hint of bee pollen that is great source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients.

Natasha(USA) of 5 star Culinary Adventures prepared this incredibly simple Apple Honey Sorbet with just 2 ingredients apples and honey.

Renu(USA) at Renu's Kitchen sent us these 2 entries:

*Another terrific oat meal recipe,the Classic Wheat-oat-date bars ,packed with energy ,perfect for snacking on those long distance travels.

*Baked Shakarpara [Sweet Dough Cookies] are healthier baked recreation of the famous sweet crunchies ,shakarpara.

Nandini(India) of Usha Nandini's recipes made a Oats Sweet Puttu sweetened with jaggery and flavored with coconut and cardamoms.

EC(India) at Simple Indian Food served a nutritious snack with the red kidney beans,Rajma Sundal

Priya Suresh(France) at Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes sent following 6 entries :

*The Baked Oats Crusted Oats & Veggies Patties are one of kind snack made with lots of veggies ,oats, spices and crusted with more oats.

* Quick and scrumptious Eggless Oatmeal Cookies

* Godhuma (Wheat) Inipu Paniyaram is a popular South Indian snack.Priya gave a whole grain touch with wheat flour.Flavored with ripe bananas and cardamoms these are sure winners.

* The Eggless Oat flour & Sesame Cookies needs no butter,these are made with goodness of olive oil and sesame seeds.

* The Tapioca & Tutty Fruity Sweet Balls must taste as good as they look with fresh cooked tapioca,fruit bits and coconut.

* Oats Crackers are not any ordinary crackers,with multi grains ,olive oil and hint of pepper these are totally guilt-free.

Muskaan(USA) at A2Z Vegetarian Cuisine shared with us the energy boosting snack ,Healthy Peanut-Raisin Bars that takes just 10 minutes to prepare.

Sadhana(USA) at A2Z Vegetarian Cuisine made use of ripe bananas to bake these delectable Oat Banana Bars

Ricki(Canada) at Diet,Dessert and Dogs made an enjoyable treat, faux chocolate,using tofu and an uncommonly healthy ingredient carob,also known as a good substitute for chocolate.The treat is flavored heart healthy coconut oil and sweetened with one of the nature's best sweetener,Stevia.

Kamala(India) at Cook @ Ease suggests the sprouting beauties for wholesome snacking.The Sprouted Wheat berries Sundal is seasoned with coconut,dry chillies,curry leaves and mustard seeds.

Supriya(USA) at Queen of my kitchen put together this irresistible Vitamin Bhel with puffed rice,fresh fruits and veggies.

City Girl(USA) at City Girl Lifestyle baked wholesome Salty Almond Chocolate Oatmeal bars ,that are quite low in sugar and very high in fiber, and while they are not very low in fat, the fat is derived from the heart-healthy almonds.

Cool Lassi(e)[USA] at Pan Gravy Kadai Curry sent the following 2 snacks :

* No-eggs Oat, Fruit & Nut Bars that fulfills the craving for a sweet and healthy snack.

*All in one juicy,crunchy and cheesy Walnut and Cheese Coated Fruit Balls

Shifa Firoz(Singapore) at Sugar N Spice shared the following 2 snacks:
*Salads for snacking? why not ? try the mix and serve nutritiousGreen Salad with chickpeas,fresh greens ,cherry tomatoes,pumpkin seeds,olives and avocados

*An excellent way to get the kids eat tofu,Strawberry Tofu Banana Shake

Johanna(Australia) at Green Gourmet Giraffe baked impeccably tasty vegan Tofu and pesto crackers ,also perfect with a warm soup.

Sheetal & Rahul at Life is Beautiful... experimented successfully to create a healthy Carrot fudge with mixed nuts,ground flax seed and sweetened with more natural sugar- Jaggery.

Following were my contributions :

*Roasted Vegetable Wheat crackers

*Spicy Baked Plantain chips

*Spice Roasted Pumpkin seeds

*Silk Soy Banana Dates Smoothie

*And find more Healthy snacks posted on Health Nut

For the Health nut Challenge 3,cook with Healing foods.Check out the announcement page for more details.


Anonymous said…
Excellent round-up! So many delicious snacks!
Nithya said…
Lovely roundup :)
A fabulous roundup!


CurryLeaf said…
Healthy and guilt free round up.
This is a really good theme and wonderful round-up.
Guilt-free snacks is just what love but couldn't find the time to be here.
Rahin said…
nice round up Yasmeen ! lots of healthy snacks ....oats seem to be the star ingredient :) love the entries
kamalabhoopathy said…
Nice round up with so many healthy dishes.
Kiran said…
Some great recipes, I am sorry that I did not manage to take part. I will be sending something for your next event.
Priya Suresh said…
Excellent roundup...delicious as well as guilt free snacks, need to try so many snacks from this roundup:)
Ricki said…
Such a great roundup, Yasmeen! I can't wait to work my way through all those healthy snacks. . . so wonderful to have a selection of foods I can feel good about eating!
Shama Nagarajan said…
yummy delights...nice event
Anonymous said…
Love the collection :)
Namitha said…
Great round up..Sorry that we missed the event..
EC said…
Lovely roundup..vast variety of healthy snacks...thanks
Unknown said…
Awesome round up, so many ideas to try out.
Cool Lassi(e) said…
Great round-up. I am going to trying some over the weekend.
Jen said…
All those sound really healthy.
notyet100 said…
healthy post,..hppy weekend dear,,..
Cham said…
Good theme and great round-up!
Janan said…
Must try those fruity cheesy balls soon.
Raks said…
Great job,sure so many will be benefited!
motherrimmy said…
Great blog post for this time of year when we are all looking for light recipes for the holidays.
Simmi said…
I like all the oat recipes and others too.Healthy snacks really don't have to be boring =)
wonderful round up.. makes me hungry!
Chitchat said…
Awesome roundup :) Introduced to so many healthy recipes.

Arabic Bites said…
Amazing round-up...

Have a good day Yasmeen :D
Malar Gandhi said…
Wow, thats indeed an excellant round up, its winter...cravings for spicy snacks is growing, perfect timing to post this round - almost saved me, he he. Guilt free indulgence is what we all want, right:)
CaringMama said…
It's always good to have such nutritious snacks.I'm loving them all :)
Ayesha said…
Excellent snack ideas!
Ivy said…
Excellent and very healthy snacks.
SamS said…
Absolutely love those veggie roasted crackers.
JKM said…
I really need some of these snacks right now.
Blogger said…
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Davida Wartsson said…
Does anyone know which is the best Guilt-free Food service among those listed on this site?

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