Pomergrante Plunge and Acai Berry Boost, super fruit smoothies

In response to consumer demand for healthier beverages packed with powerful nutrients, Tropical Smoothie Café today introduces its new menu category of Supercharged Smoothies that contain pomegranate, goji and acai (pronounced AH-SAH-EE) at all 250-plus franchise locations. These super fruits, known for their exceptional antioxidant and nutrient-rich qualities, will be blended into six new smoothie offerings.
Tropical Smoothie Café’s new Supercharged Smoothies menu includes such fun-sounding and flavorful treats as Island Intensity, a combination of ripe blueberries, strawberries and bananas loaded with acai; Get-Up-and-Goji, ripe and juicy peaches, oranges, bananas, yogurt and goji; and Pomegranate Plunge a mix of ripe bananas, strawberries, and cranberry juice with pomegranate.

Super fruits such as pomegranate, goji and acai have their roots in ancient civilizations, typically eaten for their health and medicinal benefits.

* Acai – a berry from the rain forests of Brazil with an abundance of antioxidants. The fruit has been used for thousands of years to boost energy and vitality, strengthen the immune system and provide a host of vitamins.

* Goji – this tiny fruit from the Himalayan Mountains in Tibet has been used for centuries for its 18 amino acids, concentrated beta carotene and 21 trace minerals. It has 500 times the vitamin C of oranges and has been known to aid in weight loss.

* Pomegranate – native to the Mediterranean region, the fruit has been used for its antiviral, anti-fungal and antibacterial benefits as well as a great source of potassium, fiber, vitamin C and niacin. Regular consumption of pomegranate also has been known to lower blood pressure.

Recipe courtesy Tropical Smoothie Cafe`
Pomegranate Plunge

Serves 2
1 cup Pomegranate arils
1/2 cup fresh or frozen Cranberries
*2 tablespoon Turbinado Sugar
3/4 Cup Water
1 ripe Banana
4-5 Strawberries,hulled.

Acai Berry Boost
1/2 cup acai juice
1 ripe Banana
1/4 cup Pomegranate arils
1/4 cup blueberries
4-5 Strawberries,hulled.
*2 tablespoon Turbinado Sugar
3/4 Cup Water

*one can skip the sugar to keep the smoothie low in sugar or can also use other sweeteners like stevia(liquid 3-4 drops) or Agave nectar(1 tablespoon)

Blend all the ingredients to a smooth consistency.Serve

The fruity delights are my entry for Sanghi's Fall in love food event,focusing on fruits this month.

About Tropical Smoothie Café
Established in Destin, Florida in 1997, Tropical Smoothie Café has taken the smoothie concept to the next level by offering diners a healthy alternative to typical fast food. The concept, which introduced food in 1999, provides consumers with a variety of high-quality real-fruit smoothies, toasted wraps, gourmet sandwiches and salads. The company also caters. Tropical Smoothie Café includes menu options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Ranked 127 out 500 and rated one of the fastest growing franchises by Entrepreneur Magazine, the concept currently has over 270 locations in 33 states with four locations in India. Plans call for more than 300 locations by the end of 2008, and an additional 100 by the end of 2009. For more information, visit www.tropicalsmoothiecafe.com or call 888-292-2522.


A gorgeous smoothie! Very healthy and delicious!


Mythreyi Dilip said…
Combo of pomegranate and cranberries is awesome, color is so inviting!
Finla said…
Smoothie looks indeel healthy and so delicous.
SE said…
wow!! looks gorgeous and delicious...yummy...thanks for all the info.
Sasha said…
wonderful..what's not to like about pomegranates.
Shri said…
Wow!A super healthy and super delicious smoothie, Yasmeen!Pretty color too!
CurryLeaf said…
Great and healthy and delish and awesome.
Bergamot said…
nice and cool...I appreciate the way you really take a lot of effort to ensure you make the food healthy.
Anu said…
Looks gorgeous and delicious dear...
Sarah said…
I just pulled some POM pomegranate juice out of the fridge and wondered what to do with it! served it to kids with breakfast but I think everyone would like this much better! Delicious! Thanks for visiting my site, I hope to see you regularly. I will be following yours :)
Pam said…
Yum - I love smoothies!
Priya Suresh said…
Both looks marvallous...am drooling over the pomegranter plunge....
Gita Jaishankar said…
Wow you have some great smoothies....they look so creamy and gorgeous :)
Sunitha said…
Sounds and looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing.
Amy said…
If you're looking for other smoothie recipes, ideas and tips, you should check out www.smoothie-recipes.com It's a great source!
MaryMoh said…
Love all the smoothies.....mmmm. Healthy drinks.
Cool Lassi(e) said…
I love smoothies and they book look delish.
Unknown said…
will make this for my kid today...looks yumm..
Anonymous said…
These are awesome smoothies, I love the pomegranate one, a must try!
Sanghi said…
Wow.. right delight for my time..! You can send these to my FIL-Fruits event dear!;)
Dershana said…
luscious combos! you talked them into giving you the recipes :-)
Raks said…
Great post,love the banana berry smoothie pic the best!
Sarah Naveen said…
Gorgeous!!! Looks so tempting...Love both..
Sushma Mallya said…
Love the colour and combo of the smoothie..nice healthy one yasmeen
Shija said…
Perfect energy boosters!
Kerstin said…
I'll take one of each please :) Cute names and delicious smoothies!
Oh I love smoothies! Thanks for the great recipes to try! :)
Bharti said…
Very nice! I wish I could have some.
Nithya Praveen said…
Great looking ones Yasmeen.I liked the pomogranate n cranberry combo.
Parita said…
Delicious flavorful and healthy smoothies!
Dolly Sharma said…
Beautiful pictures. I have never used Acai and Goji b4. Sound exotic.

Love smoothies..I make them for my kids..Super easy , healthy and delicious. Will try your recipe.

Thanks for stopping by at my blog , you have a great blog with great information. I'm a health nut myself so for sure will be following you on your journey to be healthy day by day.
Spice said…
sounds fantastic....good ooptions for breakfast
Smoothie with one of my favorite fruits. Sounds excellent.
Steve said…
Incredible information.
Anonymous said…
wow!! looks gorgeous and delicious...yummy...thanks for all the info.
Acai Berry
Follow Me said…
Thanks for stopping by at my blog , you have a great blog with great information. I'm a health nut myself so for sure will be following you on your journey to be healthy day by day.wonderful..what's not to like about pomegranates.
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Anonymous said…
Thanks for stopping by at my blog , you have a great blog with great information. I'm a health nut myself so for sure will be following you on your journey to be healthy day by day. !A super healthy and super delicious smoothie, Yasmeen!Pretty color too!

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Thomas said…
Great and healthy and delish and awesome.
Anonymous said…
I love too your post, Thanks for sharing this post. Acai Berry
Unknown said…
yummy smoothie, by the way have you tried joining in a Health Affiliate Network
Juices are good for health so we should always drink it.
Thank You,
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