Healing Foods Round up.

Recipe courtesy , Recipe Name
West of Persia, Cranberry Bliss Detox
Lazzat, Pear and Apple Kheer
Health Nut,Acai Berry Banana Boost
Health Nut,Pomegranate plunge
Health Nut,Orange Ginger Drink
Health Nut,Berry Green Smoothie
Health Nut,Cranberry salsa with Baked Sweet potato Chips
SpiceBuds.., Cranberry Chutney
Pan Gravy Kadai Curry, Kiwi Kooler
Ginger and Garlic, Raspberry Flavored Apple Sauce
Healthfood DesiVideshi, ,Pear and Grape fruit salad with Pistachios
Pan Gravy Kadai Curry, Sugarplum Balls minus the sugar(Dry fruit n nut Balls)
Health Nut, Vegan Chocolate Cocoa Avocado Mousse

Veggie Foodist,Sweet and Smoky Butternut Squash Hummus
Asan Khana, Mooli Paratha with Matar Ghugni(Radish Flatbread with Green peas curry)
Foodelicious, Minty Jack Fruit-Raw Banana Cutlets
Healthfood DesiVideshi, Stuffed Brinjal\Eggplant stir fried with fenugreek greens and ginger
Healthfood DesiVideshi, Green Cauliflower Stir fried
Healthfood DesiVideshi, Low Fat Three Gobis(cauliflowers) wonder Curry
Healthfood DesiVideshi, Mushroom with Spring Onions
Healthfood DesiVideshi, Gobi Alu(Cauliflower potatoes) Made Healthy
Healthfood DesiVideshi, Plantains and Beans
Priya Easy N Tasty Recipes, Roasted tomato and Oats Soup
Priya Easy N Tasty Recipes, Roasted Cauliflower Soup
Health Nut, Beet Greens and Vegetable Soup
Priya Easy N Tasty Recipes, Broccoli Curd Rice
A2ZVegetarian Cuisine, Pumpkin in coconut milk(olan)
A2ZVegetarian Cuisine, Spinach,Chickpea,Fruity Veggie Salad
Pan Gravy Kadai Curry, Immune Boosting Salad
Zaiqa ,Cauliflower Bisque
Renu's of Renu's Kitchen Beet root Halwa
Pan Gravy Kadai Curry,Edward Cullen's "Twilight" Veggie-Vampire Drink(Bloody Beet Drink)
Pan Gravy Kadai Curry,Carrot Stove Top Pudding
Pan Gravy Kadai Curry,Baked Wheat Bran Coated Veggie Crunchies
Jugalbandi,Okra Raita with Homemade Tofu "Sour Cream"
Kopiaste...,Cypriot Trahanas Soup(with tomatoes,cracked wheat flour and fermented curd )
Spice Buds.., Stuffing(Bread Poha)
West of Persia,Scrambled Eggs with Mustard greens and Sun dried Tomatoes
West of Persia,Saffron Sweet Potatoes With Raw Apple Mint Salsa

Renu's Kitchen, Quinoa and Mixed Vegetable Burger
Health Nut, Fruit and Nut Quinoa
Health Nut, Moroccan Vegetable and Chickpeas Couscous
Healthfood DesiVideshi Green Mung Bean Dosa with Tomato Chutney
Healthfood DesiVideshi, Mooli paratha with Makki ka atta(Radish corn flour flat bread)
Healthfood DesiVideshi, Fiber-rich Barley Dosa
Healthfood DesiVideshi, Corn Grits with Veggies
Priya Easy N Tasty Recipes, Herbed Wheat Barley Bread Sticks
A2ZVegetarian Cuisine, Lemon Brown Rice,
Health Nut, Whole Spices Seasoned Brown rice and Garlic sauteed Kale
Health Nut, Barley Brown Lentil Mushroom Stew
Health Nut, Ragi Porridge
Life is Beautiful..., Veggie Green chickpeas Sheekh Kabab with Yogurt Dip
West of Persia,Velvety Slow Cooker Chickpea Soup

West of Persia,Persian Trail Mix
A2ZVegetarian Cuisine, Flavored Almond Milk
Zaiqa, Badam Ka Harira(Rich Almond Breakfast Drink)
Zaiqa, Nuts Drink(with fennel seeds)
Annarasa's, Oven Toasted Pepitas
Dates Laddoo with Flax seed and Sesame
Health Nut, Fiber-rich Flax Oats Almond bars
A2ZVegetarian Cuisine, Roasted Pepper Almond Chutney
West of Persia,Muhamarra Dip(With Peppers,walnuts and pomegranate)Roasted and Raw

Cook @ Ease ,Inji(Ginger Thuvayal)
Zesty south Indian kitchen, Palm Sugar Spice Coffee
A2ZVegetarian Cuisine, Ginger Rasam(Spiced soup)
Health Nut, Spicy Cranberry Sauce
SpiceBuds', Spice Buds.. Hot Chili Pepper Pickle with Ginger Turmeric and Lime(Tiranga Achar)
Kayal's Kitchen, Turmeric Milk(Manjal Paal)

Spice Buds... Pan fried Rainbow Trout
SpiceBuds.., Wild Salmon Curry
Health Nut, Almond Crusted Alaskan Salmon

Hearty thanks to all the enthusiastic foodies(Sangeeta, Priya, Sadhana & Muskan, SpiceBuds, Swati, Cool Lassie,Mona,Ivy,Jai & Bee, Sheetal& Rahul, Kamala, Pari, Notyet100, Annarasa,Kayal, Rahin, PJ,Renu, Bharti,Bria)who shared with us the Healing foods ,foods that help body, refuel,recover and rejuvenate.Though the round up doesn't cover all,the recipes here help in deliciously incorporating healing foods in our diet.

The Health Challenge 4 concentrates on Bitter foods for good health.Please Check the details here.


FH said…
Whoa!! That is one healthy food round up. Great collection of recipes Yasmeen! :)
Priya Suresh said…
Such an excellent roundup, many healthy dishes to try out.
Wow thats awesome roundup.. lovely dish ..cooling my eyes. Great collection and great job!!!
Mona said…
Yasmeen, what a wonderful roundup!
Rahin said…
Thats an awesome roundup Yasmeen, everything looks very neat and delicious
Haddock said…
Thats a long list......but worth it.
Unknown said…
Wow, Yasmeen, you've really created quite the helpful compilation, all listed in one handy spot! Now all we have to do is Make all this yummy stuff :)
Spice said…
Nice roundup Yasmeen, just one thing...my entry bread poha was stuffing for thanksgiving(turkey dinner)...it doesn't have persimmon....actually in the same post I shared the photo of that fruit, U might wanna change that recipe name....thanks,
Shama Nagarajan said…
wow..nice theme..i missed it....yummy delights
Sadia Naseeb said…
What a yumlicious round up !
very nice and neatly done round up...
Ivy said…
What a wonderful roundup! So many delicious and healthy recipes to chose from!!
CurryLeaf said…
Healthy round up Y.Missed it and will definitely try the next theme.
Cool Lassi(e) said…
Awesome collection of healthy and healing recipes.
Joanne said…
I am kicking myself for not remembering to send in a recipe! Great round up though. I want to eat all of it.

Love the idea for the next one...already planning my recipe.
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful roundup, such great recipes!
Hey great,it a nice one such a wonderful roundup
Ayesha said…
I'm definitely bookmarking this.
Nizsha said…
Wow yasmeen.
Excellent work.Such a healthy round up and everything included too.It makes life so much easier for us.

Thanks :)
Shija said…
Thanks for the lovely round up Yasmeen.Such great recipes.
Unknown said…
Lovely round up. Lovely theme for the next event too.
Please accept my belated thank you for including so many of my recipes in your roundup. Truly an honor, Yasmeen!
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