Bitter Better Foods Bonanza

Some us devour them for the health benefits,some us savor them as a delicacy,while some find it challenging to incorporate in every day cooking.No matter what your experience is with bitter foods,the varieties of recipes here,shared by the enthusiastic foodies,are inspiring enough to desire for the bitter better foods.

The bitter foods like Fresh Fenugreek(methi)leaves and bitter gourd are exclusively available in Asian grocers while the other greens are common in farmer's markets or well stocked super stores. If you have a home garden or just some herb pots,growing fenugreek can be easy,the seeds are also available in Asian stores.

Health Nut Challenge 4 : Bitter Better Foods Round up
Fenugreek(Methi) Sprouts

Priya's instant Sprouted Methi seeds Pickle,makes a quick spicy and sour relish.

Priya's Sprouted Methi seeds Rasam,a soothing spiced clear soup.

SE's Fenugreek sprouts Dal.Sprouts are equally good if one can't find the greens,since the seeds are always stocked in stores.

Pj's Sprouted Fenugreek Sambhar,is an healthier variation to the spicy lentil soup with crunchy sprouts.

Health Nut's Methi Sprouts Sweet Peas Rice,has bitterness balanced with sweetness of peas.

Graziana's Sprouted Fenugreek Soup,with red onions and sambar powder,also has the added nutrition of coconut.

Fenugreek(Methi) Seeds

Dershana's Fenugreek potion for reducing the discomfort of PMS ,have to try it to believe it.

Priya's Methi seeds Dal with rice or roti,makes a quick lunch without any chopping or sauteing needed.

Muskaan's Methi Papad Nu Shaak(Fenugreek seeds and popadam curry),is unique for its use of papadum,that's commonly served as crunchy appetizer.Muskaan's recipe has boiled popadams,soft and delicious,almost like pasta.

Bitter Greens

Fenugreek Leaves

* In Protein-rich Sides
Spicebuds Wild Salmon with fresh Fenugreek in a tantalizing ginger garlicky sauce is sure to become regular on the menu of fish lovers.

Nandini's Egg Masala with Fenugreek leaves,are far more flavorful than plain boiled eggs.

Tazaika's Fenugreek Chicken,is indeed a smart way to incorporate a bitter green in a family that's not too excited about bitter foods.

* Vegetable Sides

Shama's tangy Methi Kulambu .

Rachana's Avatar Aubergines,with generous serving of green, is inspired by the movie that's been so revered lately.

Silpa's Aloo Methi.Aloo(potatoes) matches like no other vegetable with Methi to make a tasty combo.The recipe has frozen methi,that's available year round.

Silpa's Methi Matar Malai.Malai is fresh cream and Matar are peas,both of which make this dish a perfect relish.

Jayasree's Methi Kofta in Kadhi .The green koftas in this recipe are not fried but steamed them allowed soaking the flavors of a light yogurt based sauce.

*In Snacks
Priya's Sesame Methi Crackers,are a tempting treat to put together whenever there is a bunch of methi in store.

Simply Food's Muthia,the multi-grain spiced steamed snack,a variation of Gujarati Dhokla.

Simply Food's Savory Paniyaram,crispy morsels,made in a special uppam pan,these are also low in fat.

Muskaan's Methi Gota (fritters),an authentic crunchy munchy Gujarati snack also goes by the name farsan.

Muskaan's Low fat Methi Na Muthiya Dhokla,another famous Gujarati snack.These are steamed and muskaan has been really generous with the methi leaves in these,so go for it without a guilt.

Silpa's Methi bajji(fritters) make a crisp and filling evening snack.

Shama's Methi Vadai another tasty snack-time crunchy.

* In Dal(Lentils)

Divya's comforting Methi Dal,has fresh greens straight from the home garden.

Shabitha's Methi Moong Dal ,a wonderful side dish enriched with the wonder herb.

Ramya's Methi leaves Dal,is very special for its the outcome of her brothers keen culinary skills.

Aruna's Fenugreek Kootu.Kootu is Tamilian dal thats lots like sambar but less aqueous and lighter in spices.

* In Sweets
Muskaan's sweet delicacy,Methi Paak(Fenugreek sweet),with loads of nuts and touch of spices.

*In Light meals, Bread ,Sandwich and Flatbreads

Swathi's Methi Paratha,a flat bread that also my choice over aloo parathas.

Tazaika's Besan Fenugreek Parathas,is on breakfast menu for a satisfying start of the day.

Jagruti's Methi Dhebra with Sukhi Bhaji(dry spiced potatoes),in her own words,is a Kamaal Kombination similar to bollywood duo Kajol-SRK.

Simply Food's Gujrati Methi Thepla with pickle is common Gujarati breakfast,also makes a great wrap with a smear of jam.

Nandini's Methi Chapathi with red luscious tomato thokku,is a feast for the stomach and the eyes as well.

Saraswathi Iyer's Methi Chapathi,is simple quick recipe of incorporating the greens in your daily home made flat bread.

Health Nut's Methi Sunflower Seeds Buns with Minty barley soup,is as comforting as warm spring sun after long dark winters.

Jyothi's Chickpeas Methi Patti Sandwich is quite a mouthful with the yummy herb patty ,greens and vegetables.

Ramya's Methi Sankathi,sweetened fenugreek seeds and rice balls make an unusual and healthy sweet break fast.

*In Rice
Ruchika Cooks Methi Khichdi,a comforting rice and lentils entree with lots of vegetables and fresh fenugreek.

Jyothi's Methi Cranberry Pulao,with hint of coconut milk ,is delish variation to ordinary pulao.

PJ's delectable combination of rice,peas and dry fenugrek leaves in, Methi Matar Pulao

Saraswathi Iyer's Methi Sadam,is tasty makeover of plain boiled rice with freshness of herbs and spices.

Other Bitter Greens(Mustard Greens,Radish Greens,Chard,Collard greens,Turnip Greens,Water cress)

Jagruti's Super Foods Smoothie has the excellence of Avocado,watercress and mangoes.

Kamla's nutrient-packed Radish Greens Poriyal(stir fry) uses the tender leaves of baby radish.

MySpicyKitchen's spiced Green Chard Stir fry,with fresh greens from farmer market.The recipe also marks anniversary of her blog.

NS's well-seasoned Watercress with Aloo(potatoes) and peas.

Cool Lassie's Collard Greens N Cottage Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms,has a mighty good stuffing variation with greens and cheese.

Cool Lassie's Broccoli Rabe,Turkey, Mushroom Pasta,so well balanced in flavors and nutrition.

Health Nut's Grain Stuffed Turnip Greens,are inspired by the Arabic appetizer - stuffed grape leaves.

Health Nut's Mustard Green Munchies with Mozzarella cheese,a nourishing snack made with frozen greens.

Health Nut's Sarson Ka Saag,the simply green winter warmer that is mostly mustard greens and partly spinach.

Silpa's Saag Paneer,is enriched with Indian cottage cheese(paneer) and the greens are sauteed instead of boiling to retain the nutrients of the greens.

Mona's, pleasing to the palate, Red Swiss Chard Masoor Dal.

Bitter Gourd\Melons

Cool Lassie's Bitter Melon, Beans and Raisins Patty Sliders,a bittersweet "curried" patty ensconced in an acceptably all-right "burger".

Shirley's Bitter Gourd Flatbread has a tasty stuffing to interest even the kids.

PJ's Bitter Gourd Crisps,are crunchy and make an irresistible part of their family meal.

Shama's snack-time munchie, Bitter Gourd Pakoda.

Shama's relishing, Bitter Gourd Pickle.

PJ's Bitter Better Medicine,a bitter gourd stir fry.

Tazaika's family favorite Bitter Gourd Biryani,that's undeniably enticing as well as nourishing.

Shama's Spicy Bitter Gourd Pepper Fry.

Health Nut's Baked Bitter Gourd Crisps with Ginger ,lemon and spices is my recreation of the original recipe at Jugalbandi.

Health Nut's Bulgur Stuffed Bitter Gourd

Health Nut's South Indian Style Onions Stuffed Bitter Gourd

*Curry Variations

Padhu's artistically presented Bitter Gourd Curry with Tomatoes ,spices and Tamarind.

Simply Food's lightly sweet and delicately flavored Gujrati Karela Subzi with Jaggery,spices and Chickpea flour(besan)

Silpa's Bitter gourd Fry has a nutty crunch of cashews.

Swapna Sree's Bitter Gourd Pulusu is flavored in a tamarind based sauce,a favorite accompaniment with rice and dal.

Asha's flavor packedBitter gourd Gojju with chickpea flour as the secret ingredient.

Sowmya's Tamil Nadu Style Bitter gourd Gravy with Coconut,spices and Sambahr powder.Not among those with aversion to bitter foods,sowmya has never thought of excluding the excellent vegetable from her diet.Check out her post for more recipes of bitter gourd.

Shahana's Bitter Gourd Tomato curry is tangy and tasty with all the tomatoes and spices used.

Sayatani's traditional Bengali Shukto,bitter Gourd Curry in mustard paste and lots of vegetables,beans and lentil dumplings.The curry is served in the first course of an elaborate Bengali meal,please read her post to learn more about other appetizing courses.

Shama's Andhra special Bitter Gourd Curry with Spicy Sesame Masala.She enjoys Karela ,this particular variation recipe is courtesy of her neighbor.

Saraswathi Iyer's Bitter Gourd fry ,is truly tasty as its paired with potatoes and spices.

Shabitha's Bitter gourd curry,might be bitter but is a pleasant reminder of her sweet childhood memories.

Other Mildly Bitter foods(Flax seed,Cocoa and Coffee)

Curry Leaf's Protein rich Flaxseed balls,are perfectly energizing quick fix snacks with flax meal,breakfast cereal and peanut butter.

Health Nut's Vegan Fiber-rich Flax Oats Almond bars,can help tackle the deficiency of dietary fiber.

Priya's Vegan Dry Fruit Chocolate Cookies,besides cocoa has added nutrition from almonds and silken tofu

Cool Lassie's Egg-less Spiced Beet N Cocoa Muffins ,with goodness of cocoa ,beets and olive oil.

Health Nut's Kasha(Roasted Buckwheat) with Cocoa and Coffee and dried figs,a wholesome breakfast porridge sweetened with agave.

Health Nut's Arabic Black Coffee flavored with Cardamoms,is served traditionally after a meal.

Health Nut's soft and crumbly, Cocoa Barley Bites,are made exclusively with barley flour.

Thanks to all the participants for the tremendous response.

To participate in the next Health Challenge 5,cook with crucial to the diet,Cruciferous Veggies,please Check the details here.


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I'm not so fond of bitter foods,but all of these sounds really delish.
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Looks delish and nice round up dear.
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