Weekend Herb Blogging #254 Round Up

I'm pleased to have hosted yet another round of Weekend Herb Blogging.Thanks to all the contributors for showing their constant support for the event.

Haalo of Cook Almost Anything(Australia) baked these creamy savory Swedish gratin - Jannson's Temptation,made with thin sliced potatoes(Rose Virginia or Rose Jersey) flavored with pickled sprats(a small marine water fish like the anchovies).

Claire of Chez Cayenne(Texas USA) put together the juicy,sweet,flaky Strawberry Pastry bites,as delicious as it sounds,these make perfect little desserts.

Simone of Briciole(North California) made this gorgeous brightRoasted Red pepper and almond dip using fresh batch of oven-roasted Round of Hungary peppers (a.k.a., pimento cheese peppers).

Tigerfish of Teczcape - an escape to food ,shared with us this hearty pasta dish infused with Celtuce,named after its unique characteristics of the celery-like stalk and the lettuce-like leaves. The "meaty" central stem is crispy and tender - almost similar to that of broccoli stem.And topped with succulent pan fried scallops.

Janet of Taste Space(Toronto,Canada) put the giant zucchini to perfect use in this serene green Creamy Zucchini and Basil Soup enhanced with richness of cashews and fragrant basil.

Marisa of The Creative Pot(South Africa) celebrates spring with this vibrant Baked Spring Risotto ,loaded with fresh fava beans and asparagus and hint of heat from dried red chillies.

Brii of BriiBlog in English(Valsorda - Garda Lake - Italy) baked this distinctive gluten-free Rice and Buckwheat chocolate cake with decadent chocolate and nut candy surprise.

Finally my entry of savory Thyme Olive oil Shortbread is different from usual with no saturated fats and almost no sugar,still every bit delicious and enjoyable with fewer fat and sugar calories.


Unknown said…
Thanks for all the links, lovely.
Marisa said…
Lovely round-up - thanks for hosting!
janet said…
Yasmeen, this is a beautiful round-up. Thank you so much for hosting WHB. :)
ann low said…
Lovely round-up! Hope I can join in next time :)
tigerfish said…
Thanks for the round up :)
"Guppy" Honaker said…
I love your blog, but especially your "weekend herb blog" and articles that include the use of herbs. Here in the Phoenix area I grow all of my own herbs, year-round. Not only are many of them good for you, but they really add so much flavor to an otherwise over-salted American diet!

- David

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brii said…
this is super! wonderful round up!!
thank's for hosting, dear.
Haalo said…
Delcious and Nutritious - thanks so much for hosting Yasmeen!
Faith said…
Great roundup. Thanks for hosting such a great event!
Simona Carini said…
Very nice roundup, full of interesting recipes. Thanks Yasmeen!
Fantastic round-up! Thanks for this event. We own a Dining Table ecommerce site and are always looking for great content to help inspire. Thanks.
Fantastic round-up! Thanks for this event. We own a Dining Table ecommerce site and are always looking for great content to help inspire. Thanks.

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